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Can I use MobileMe / iDisk / Gallery on the iPad?

Yes, the iPad will automatically update contacts and calendar information wirelessly from your MobileMe account. MobileMe push email is easily accessible via the Mail application on the iPad.

The iPad works with other MobileMe features such as Remote Wipe and Find My iPad. MobileMe will also wirelessly sync your web bookmarks on the iPad.

The MobileMe iDisk and Gallery apps that are available for iPhone have been released on the iPad, allowing access to MobileMe subscribers' content.

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Is the iPad Maps Application driven by Google Maps?

A bit of confusion was created by Steve Jobs using the terminology "Apple designed" when referring to the maps application on the iPad.

Despite the reports of an increasingly rocky relationship between Apple and Google, the new iPad's maps application is driven/fed by Google Maps.

The indication is that Apple has made some interface/design changes to improve the application for the iPad, but that the underlying technology and credit for the maps still goes to Google.

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