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New App Allows You to Save and Watch Flash Videos on Your iPad [Video]

Do you want to watch Flash video content on your iOS device, but want to keep using Safari as your browser? Skyfire has launched VideoQ, an app that allows you to continue to use Safari, while giving you the option to save and watch videos that it won't play.

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VideoQ is pretty easy, all you have to do is download the app from the iTunes Store and register your e-mail address. Once activated, you can save videos by e-mailing the link to Video@skyfire.com. This will save the video in your personal video queue so you can watch it later.

Install the Google Plus iPhone App on Your iPad or iPod touch [Jailbreak Free]

The Google+ iPhone app has been a hot commodity since its launch this week, but what about the iPad and iPod touch? Currently the Google Plus app only works on the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 or later, but a Redmond Pie reader found an easy workaround to install the popular app on other Apple devices.

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To learn how to install the jailbreak free Google Plus iPhone app on your iPad, check out the iDownload Blog team's "How To" YouTube video, and our step-by-step instructions below.

Remember, the Google Plus app was created for the iPhone, so it's not a great fit for the iPad display resolution. You can try zooming in, or if your iPad is jailbroken using RetinaPad like the person in the video, to try and make it look better.

Onswipe Helps Publishers Get Around the App Store

It looks like Marie Claire took Rolling Stone magazine co-founder, Jann Wenner's advice, and found a way around Apple's app store. The fashion magazine used a new product called Onswipe, to create a tablet-friendly version of their website by giving it the look and feel of a touchscreen mobile app. The best part is, Onswipe will help anyone give their website the touch-and-swipe experience, and they're doing it for free.

"It opens the floodgates to creativity by driving the price point down to zero," Onswipe adviser John Klein said. "This is one product that needs virtually no selling."


Onswipe earns revenue from interstitial ads placed on the tablet-friendly sites, which allows publishers to keep the money made from subscription sales. It also cuts down on having to create or pay someone to create apps, and from having to share any profits with Apple.

“The tablet is the TV of our generation,” Baptiste said. “We think publications can get the kind of money brand advertisers are used to spending in the print world.”

iPad Facebook App Coming Soon

It only took them over a year but Facebook is finally coming to the iPad. According to The New York Times, people are being briefed on the new social networking app that Facebook plans to launch in coming weeks.

The free app is being overseen personally by founder Mark Zuckerberg and is designed to be used with the iPad's touch-screen interface. Users will be able to shoot and upload pictures and video with the iPad's cameras, and Facebook Groups and Chat will feature a more iPad-friendly look and feel.


A person who has seen the app told the Times that the photo/video experience is "amazing."

Taposé (Microsoft Courier for the iPad) App Now Fully Funded

Ambitious developers Benjamin Monnig and Ricky Drake have had a rousing response to their proposed iPad app, Taposé. Taposé is an app that, in short, plans to bring dual-screen functionality akin to that of the proposed but never to be Microsoft Courier tablet. The developers chose to try to fund their project through Kickstarter, giving their project until May 22nd to collect the $10,000 they determined was needed to deliver the app. With 19 days remaining, 644 backers have already contributed over $15,000, turning Taposé from an idea into a reality.

Tapose iPad App

As mentioned, Taposé will bring dual-screen functionality to the single-screened iPad. Essentially, this means that iPad users will be able to interact with two apps at once. For instance, viewing your SMS messages on one screen and Google Maps on the other, and being able to drag an address from your messages to Maps for directions. The possibilities abound.

Wired Magazine iPad Edition Free for Next 30 Days

Conde Nast, publishers of the incredibly popular Wired Magazine, will be giving away the iPad version of Wired's May issue at no cost for the next 30 days. The giveaway is the result a sponsorship with Adobe. The Wired Magazine iPad app made headlines when it debuted in 2010 by nearly matching its traditional newstand sales with sales of the all digital iPad version of the magazine.

Wired iPad Edition

The Wired Magazine iPad app is free, and can be downloaded from Apple's AppStore. Once installed on your iPad, users can purchase individual issues of Wired Magazine for $3.99. However, as mentioned, thanks to Adobe users can download the May issue for the next 30 days without paying anything.

Will the iMovie app work on the original iPad (iPad 1)?

No. Apple has confirmed that the iPad 2 is required to run iMovie. This app will not function on the original iPad.

iMovie makes it possible to edit and share movies on your iPhone 4 or iPad 2. The application has been available on Mac OS X computers for some time. The mobile version will be released on March 11, 2011.

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Top Five Places to Find the Best iPad Applications

Sometimes getting software for your iPad can be a real drag. After all, with thousands upon thousands of choices in the App Store, finding the right application takes time. Searching on iTunes isn't always the greatest experience, either. Luckily there are a variety of different websites that specialize in making sense of iPad apps.

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What follows is a list of five incredibly useful sites that will help with your app search and make sure you get the most bang for your iPad buck. With more information at your fingertips you can find and download digital gems you may not have encountered otherwise.


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