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Spotify Now Available for the iPad

Spotify has been converted into a universal app making the popular iPhone music platform available to iPad owners for the first time. Version 0.5.0 gives both iPhone and iPad users access to millions of tracks from thousands of albums. Changes include Retina display graphics, an even easier to browse catalogue, new high-definition cover art, trending playlists and grouped by user searches.

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Spotify is free to download from the App Store with the option to upgrade to a Spotify Premium account. Non-premium users can test out the service for 48-hours completely free. Read on for a complete list of changes.

Free Puzzle Game Created by the iPad for the iPad

Cargo-Bot is being called the "first game programmed entirely on the iPad using Codea."

Codea has been called the "GarageBand of coding." The $10 app lets you create games and simulations right on your iPad, and the creators have decided to prove that it works by releasing Cargo-Bot for free in the Apple App Store.

iPad Apps

Cargo-Bot is not only an advertisement, but it proves that the iPad is more than an expensive Facebook machine by showing that it's capable of creating decent content. However, showing that your code editor works by using it yourself isn't really reassuring. Especially when you are trying to convince people to drop $10 on an app. At least iPad users get a free puzzle game out of the developer's attempt to prove that their pay app is a worthy investment.

Official Super Bowl XLVI Game Program Now Available For the iPad

The NFL has released the official Super Bowl XLVI game program for the iPad. The iOS version is essentially the same program you would receive if you attended the Super Bowl, but with extra digital content. The app highlights the Giants’ and Patriots’ road to the championship, important moments of the 2011 season, and features over 400MB of exclusive NFL video.

iPad Applications

This app is for diehard football fans who can't attend the big game, and requires 1 GB of hard drive space to download. Make sure you are hooked up to a high speed WiFi connection if you plan to directly download it to your device.

Belfry Tweak Adds Native iPhone Apps to Jailbroken iPads

You've already jailbroken your iPad 2 using pod2g's exploit, but what should you do with it now? For starters you can add basic iPhone apps that Apple didn't include with their tablets for some unknown reason.

iPad 2 Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1

iOS developer Ryan Petrich's Belfry tweak allows you to add Clock, Voice Memos, Stocks, Calculator, Compass and Weather to the iPad. Both the Clock and Stock apps work with the iPad's native resolution, but the rest must be zoomed in to work better with its display.

Two New Musical Apps Turn Your iPad Into a Music Studio

I'm not sure if there is a demand for iPad family bands, but if you were looking to form one, Rockmate is the app you'll need! The new app transforms your iPad into a music studio allowing you to compose, record and play songs with up to 4 people.

Rockmate features everything you need to record and share music with your family and friends. You just have to choose what instrument you want to play, guitar, drum kit or keyboards, and use the smart metronome and a real-time looper to kick start your iPad music career. The app is being offered at the introductory price of $0.99 for one week. Hurry and download it now because it will jump to $3.99 on December 21.

Netflix Finally Releases Promised iPad Update

It only took about a month, but Netflix finally released its updated interface for the iPad. Originally launched on Android tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire, Netflix version 2.0 offers a better experience while browsing and selecting movies.


The new interface displays twice as many movies than the old interface did, and addresses stability issues. Version 2.0 is available for devices running iOS 5.0 in Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. The app is free to download, but requires a monthly fee to access Netflix's streaming services.

Shutterstock Releases Free iPad App

The stock footage and photography company Shutterstock launched a free iPad app as a companion to their already popular website Shutterstock.com. The Shutterstock app utilizes the iPad's Multi-Touch interface to allow users to easily browse millions of stock photos with the swipe of their finger. The app features keyword search, high-res image previews and the ability to create, organize, and share lightboxes of images.

Stock Footage

The Shutterstock app is free to download but requires a paid subscription to access the library of images. You can sign up for an account through the app or at Shutterstock.com. Downloading from the app is not supported. Images must be saved and downloaded from a computer later.

Facebook Finally Releases an iPad App

Facebook announced on Monday that its official iPad app is available for download via the Apple App Store. The new app is designed to fit the entire screen of the iPad, and allows access to more Facebook games and applications.

iPad App

Other features include a hands-on news feed, bigger and better photos, the ability to chat with friends and play games in full screen mode. You can also watch high-res videos and record and share HD. What are you waiting for? It's free and available now, so head on over the the iTunes App Store to download it today.

Comcast Xfinity iPad App To Offer Live TV

To keep up with Cablevision and Time Warner, Comcast is working on a product called AnyPlay, which will allow Comcast subscribers to watch television on their iPads.

Comcast Xfinity iPad app

AnyPlay will use something like the Motorola Televation cable box to stream live TV to the Xfinity iPad app. The app currently only allows owners to watch On Demand programming and search TV listings. Users can register up to 10 devices, but will only be allowed to use one iPad at a time to watch TV. The AnyPlay box will also work with Android tablets and will include "most" channels.

How do I delete / remove an application that is stuck installing?

Every now and then an iPad application will get "stuck" or "frozen" while installing. If this has happened to you, you likely have an iPad application icon perpetually showing as "waiting" to complete its installation.

Attempts to remove the application fail, because holding your finger on the icon produces no "x" for removal. So how do you delete it?

Applications stuck in mid-installation can be removed simply by restarting / rebooting your iPad.

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