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Apple Names the Best iPad Apps of 2012

Apple has announced the best iPad app and iPad game of 2012. The Editor's Pick for iPad App of the Year is Paper by FiftyThree. The Editor's Pick for iPad Game of the Year is The Room. Best iPhone app honors went to Action Movie FX and Rayman Jungle Run was chosen as iPhone Game of the Year by Apple. Angry Birds once again topped the Top Paid iPhone Apps list, and the recently booted YouTube app was the most popular free app. Read on for the complete App Store Best of 2012 list.

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New App Helps Holiday Shoppers Locate Hard to Find Items

Online scalpers are already taking advantage of holiday shoppers by offering sold out items such as the Nintendo Wii U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package for double the price on Amazon and eBay. The new shopping app whohas.it not only helps holiday shoppers avoid paying too much for popular gifts, but it also eases holiday shopping headaches by allowing consumers to easily obtain sold out or pre-release items.

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Shoppers who are tired of running store to store in search of sold out items can now use the whohas.it app to do all the hard work for them. The app and website monitors thousands of web pages and retailer databases for product availability, and sends realtime notifications or email alerts to users when a product becomes available for pre-order or purchase. Users can use the app to track and compare prices for a variety of items like the rare Cotton Candy Furby, Skylanders Giants: Character Packs , cameras, electronics and more.

New York Times Launches iPad Friendly Web App

The New York Times has released an HTML5-powered web app for the iPad. Times readers can access the app by subscribing to a digital subscription package at www.NYTimes.com/Access. iPad users can choose between the Web/Tablet package or All Digital Access package (includes smartphones). Each package is $0.99 a week for the first four weeks and $5.00 a week thereafter.

iPad Applications

The app features four ways to access content:

4. All Sections: The full breadth of Times coverage, from breaking news, to video and photography.

3. Today's Paper: In this reading format, users can browse the app like they would the newspaper, with sections organized under print topic headings.

2. Times Wire: A continuous, reverse chronological feed of the latest articles, videos and slide shows published on NYTimes.com.

1. Trending: The Trending section lists the top 25 trending Times articles on Twitter from the past hour. This section functions in conjunction with Cascade, a proprietary data visualization tool developed by The Times Company's Research & Development group, which monitors the sharing of content on Twitter.

Twitter iPad Update Drops Third-Party Photo Sharing Options

The Twitter app for the iPad has been rebuilt from the ground up. According to the official Twitter blog, version 5.0 is "fast, beautiful and easy to use." The update brings expandable tweets with in-line photos, new Facebook-like header photos, the ability to track interactions with other people, and other improvements and fixes.

iPad Applications

However, the new version also removes the ability for users to share photos using third-party services. Instead, users must use Twitter's Photobucket powered service. The move is part of Twitter's attempt to deliver a more "consistent" experience to its subscribers.

Syfy Adds Interactive Second Screen Feature to iPad App

The SyFy Channel has added an interactive "second screen" to its iPad app for the premiere of Face Off airing on August 21st. Users can unlock extra content, chat with other fans and get a closer look at key moments by syncing their tablet with certain Syfy shows.

iPad Applications

For example, Syfy Sync will automatically detect where you are watching Face Off and deliver exclusive interactive content based on that segment. There is also the obligatory social networking access to Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue. Syfy Sync basically allows you to do everything but watch the show.

GetGlue Rolls Out Version 3.0 for the iPad

GetGlue has launched version 3.0 of their iOS app for the iPad. The update brings an all-new guide for TV, movies, and sports, recommendations based on your personal preferences, the ability to chat with friends while you watch, notifications for special events, and the ability to earn stickers from your favorite TV shows.

iPad Applications

GetGlue is a social-networking site for mobile devices which allows users to "check-in" to their favorite TV shows, movies or sporting events. Users earn virtual stickers and recommendations based on their viewing history. According to GetGlue, over 3 million people use its service.

Pinterest Now Available for the iPad and Android Devices

The social photo sharing website Pinterest is now available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The apps are available for download through Pinterest.com or via Apple's App Store and Google Play. Kindle Fire owners will be able to download an Amazon version via Amazon's app store later this week.

iPad Applications

The Pinterest app allows users to share their photo collections with other users by creating theme-based image collections. The faster, redesigned iPhone version offers a new 2-column layout so users can see more pins. The iPad version allows users to easily swipe through pins, and see what others are pinning from their favorite sites. Users can login or register with Facebook, Twitter or just an email address.

Matthew Modine Releases Full Metal Jacket Diary for the iPad

Actor Matthew Modine has released an iPad app to mark the 25th anniversary of Full Metal Jacket. The app is a digital version of Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary which was released in 2005. Warner Home Video also released the film in a 25th anniversary blu-ray edition with a new featurette entitled "Full Metal Jacket: Between Good and Evil".


Modine's iPad app is currently available for $14.99 from the App Store. It includes the complete out-of-print book from 2005, a nearly 4 hour audiobook narrated by Modine, over 400 high-res photos and personal documents scanned from original negatives and source material, plus more. Read on for a complete list of features.

Amazon Launches Instant Video App for the iPad

Amazon has released an Amazon Instant Video app for the iPad. The app features access to thousands of titles available from Prime Instant Video. It comes preloaded with a selection of top video titles, and you can add other titles directly from Amazon. Users can download purchased or rented movies to watch offline, and will have access to Amazon's Watchlist queue.

iPad Movie Streaming

The Instant Video app also allows you sync movies so you can finish watching on a different device. For example, if you start watching The Avengers on your iPad, you can pause and pick up where you left off on a Kindle Fire, PS3, PC, Mac, or hundreds of models of connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

Fanhattan Adds NBC, HBO and Cinemax to Movie Browsing App

Streaming may be a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, but content is fragmented amongst the many content providers vying for our money. Fanhattan for the iPad makes searching for content easier by aggregating it from multiple sources. This allows iPad owners to use one app to browse available movies and TV shows, instead of using multiple provider apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

iPad Movie Streaming

Fanhattan has recently grown their roster to 14 different providers by adding networks like NBC, HBO, The CW, and Cinemax. Fanhattan has also added a "watch list" to help users navigate the 175,000 movies and TV show available through the various services. You can even save upcoming movies and TV shows that haven't been released yet. Fanhattan will then notify you when the content has become available to watch on your device.


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