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IMDb iOS App Gets Amazon Prime Support and US Showtime Availability

After announcing a blockbuster deal to bring HBO content to Amazon Prime, Amazon updated its IMDb app to version 4.2. The update adds the ability to tell if a title is available on Amazon's streaming service. Anyone with an Amazon Prime, or even a Netflix subscription, knows how annoying it can be to find content on both services, making this a smart move on Amazon's part.

IMDb iOS App

Version 4.2 also brings U.S. TV listings and U.S. movie showtimes to the app. Users can now see when and where their favorite television shows are airing in their timezone right from the program's title page. The IMDb app also now displays showtimes and release dates for upcoming movies or movies currently in theaters. Other improvements to the app include new showtimes page design for the iPhone version and bug fixes.

IFTTT Now Available for iPad

After launching its initial iPhone app last July, the popular IFTTT app (If This, Then That; pronounced like lift without the L) has been updated and released for the iPad. Aside from introducing the app to the iPad, today's update also added iOS Notifications to IFTTT's collection of supported channels.


For those of you not familiar with IFTTT, it is a clever app that basically lets you create connections between your other apps via "recipes." Think of the recipe as the statement "If this, then that." The "this" part of the statement is known as the trigger, while the "that" part is the action. A simple example recipe: if I take a photo, email it to me (or somebody else). If you set this up, every time you take a photo it will

Director Ken Burns Launches New iPad App Highlighting American History

American director Ken Burns has released an iPad app that transforms all 136 hours of his award-winning documentaries into bite-size playlists. The app features videos that explore a chronological history of America in six themes: innovation, race, politics, art, hard times, and war.

Ken Burns

The official app description warns that this is not a "collection of Ken’s filmography," but it's an "entirely new way of looking at American history."

“I really felt it was time to stop and think about [my work] in a new way, and to understand and honor new media,” Burns says. “I’ve never had a digital destination that allowed people to see the work from a different way, to rotate it a little bit.”

Apple Store App Now Available for the iPad

Apple has finally released the Apple Store app for the iPad. The Apple Store was originally released for the iPhone in 2010. The app allows iOS users to shop Apple's Online Store directly from their iPhone, iPad or iPad mini.

iPad App Store

The iPad version features the ability to use pinch gestures to zoom, browse and compare products, and features high resolution images that take full advantage of the iPad's Retina display. Users are already praising its interface and design, but have also noticed that some features from the iPhone version like EasyPay are missing from the iPad app.

Shazam Update Brings New Features to iPad

Shazam can be a helpful tool when you need to identify a song quickly with just a snippet of audio. The app continues to expand, now making it possible to identify and tag advertisements and television shows in addition to just music. Brand new features have just been added to Shazam in the latest update, but for now they are exclusive to the iPad.

Shazam update iPad

So what can iPad users expect when they install Shazam 6.0.0? For one, the app will run in the background and automatically tag any audio within earshot of your iPad. This feature makes it possible to use other apps while Shazam quietly listens the entire time. A redesigned home screen shows real-time data including a map of what music is being tagged around the globe.

Google Maps for iPad Coming Soon

Google had plenty to say about its Maps app at this year's Google I/O keynote presentation. Ever since Apple launched its own mapping application millions of iOS 6 users have downloaded Google's stand-alone Google Maps app, released in December. iPad owners were left out of the fun, but the company now says an iPad version is in the works and will arrive this summer.

Google Maps iPad

iPad compatibility alone won't be the only improvement coming to Google Maps for iOS. Google touted a new "Experience" feature that will display indoor maps for many places on an interface designed for tablet displays. The Maps update will also include new location and restaurant ratings from Zagat along with Google Offers integration.

Concert Vault Brings World's Largest Live Audio and Video Collection to the iPad

Music enthusiast will want to check out the new iPad app called Concert Vault. The app offers access to thousands of high quality live audio and video files to Concert Vault members. The extensive music collection comes from over 10,000 live audio and video recordings acquired by Wolfgang’s Vault since 2003. The app features a wide array of genres from the '50s to the present day, suggested playlists, photo slideshows and AirPlay support.

iPad Apps

Users can search through channels or by artists to find their favorite music, or use the similar artist engine to discover new talent. The app also features artists and band biographies, and the latest music news.

“Unlike other music platforms like Spotify and Pandora, you can’t find the music on Concert Vault anywhere else,” says George Howard, COO of Norton, LLC, the parent company of Concert Vault, and Wolfgang's Vault. “We hope people will use the app to discover music from the past, and remember what it was that made music important to them.”

Open Table for iPad Gets Major Update

Making restaurant reservations has never been easier thanks to Open Table. Fans of the iPad app may have already noticed a major update that streamlines the process is now available. The free Open Table for iPad app provides access to local restaurants participating in the service, making finding and reserving a table simple and seamless.

iPad iOS Open Table app

The update brings improvements to the user interface as well as behind-the-scenes performance tweaks to keep the app running more smoothly. The iPad's screen real estate is used efficiently, with search results on the left next to a map of restaurant locations. Fields for entering time, date and party size are conveniently located right on this page.

Nickelodeon Launches the Nick App for the iPad

Nickelodeon today announced the launch of the Nick App for the iPad. The app features lots of videos, games and other "Nick content" for children to explore. Users can also watch full-length episodes of Nickelodeon's current top shows with a subscriber authentication code from participating TV providers. The app promises a fun and interactive experience for kids via movable tiles that can be swiped away to unveil new content such as music, weekly videos featuring Nickelodeon's live-action stars, and comedy skits.

iPad Apps

The app is updated daily, and users can save videos in their "favorites" drawer to watch at a later date. Other features include: A "Do Not Touch" button that promises some fun antics, a docu-reality series featuring Big Time Rush, and a new live, daily afternoon show entitled Nick Studio 10.

iOS Hacker pod2g Turns App Developer, Releases Virtual Turntable for the iPad

Absinthe co-creator pod2g has announced his first iOS app called podDJ. The new app turns your iPad into a virtual turntable for mixing and scratching any music in your iTunes library. Pod2g promises this is the "most realistic virtual turntable" in the App store.

iPad Music App

PodDJ features an easy to use UI, a sound output latency of just 5 milliseconds, transform buttons, BPM detection, turntable emulation, monitor output, and support for an external mixer. Pod2g claims podDJ is the fastest scratching application available.


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