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Undo Button Coming to Tinder App in March

Tinder Plus, a paid version of the popular dating app, is on track to launch next month, according to TechCrunch. The paid version will include at least two new features for users. An "Undo" button will allow you to "take back your last swipe," according to the app's Google Play description, and "Passport" will give users access to matches around the world.

Tinder Icon

Tinder announced plans to add an undo option back in November, saying it was one of the most requested features for the app. A future update will add a yellow "Undo" button to all user's Home screens, but they will need to upgrade to the paid service to be able to use it. The same goes for users who want to find a potential mate outside their current location by using the new Passport option.

Google Classroom App Now Available for iOS Devices

Google today released a mobile Classroom app "to help teachers and students connect from wherever they are". The app not only allows teachers to stay organized by assigning and tracking assignments on their phone or tablet, but it also allows students to easily add images, PDFs and web pages to their work. Students can snap photos from the assignment page in the app and even attach images or other files created with other apps. The app also features offline caching so class streams and assignment information can be accessed without an internet connection.

Google Classroom

On the other side, teachers can keep an eye on all the assignments they have issued across all classes via the teacher assignment page. From this page teachers can see what assignments they have viewed and check a student's progress. Google also added a way for teachers to archive classes so they can keep the old separated from the new.

Kindle iOS App Gets Massive Update for the Holidays

Amazon on Monday updated its Kindle app for iOS with a variety of new features in anticipation of lots digital book sales for the holidays. Book Browser allows iPad users to easily get additional information on any book available in Amazon's massive library. Users can now pull up a book's description, customer reviews and other information by simply tapping the cover of the title they would like to preview.

Kindle iPad

The Kindle app has also been updated with Goodreads integration. Goodreads allows users to share their reading progress, favorite quotes and so on with other members of the social cataloging community. The "Before You Go" screen also allows users to announce they have finished a title via Goodreads, and will now give information on the next book in a series.

Foursquare Finally Updated with iPad Support

The popular app Foursquare has been updated with iPad support after being revamped this summer. The app's main focus became about recommendations in July, and its original check-in feature was pushed to Foursquare's second app, Swarm. The revamped Foursquare app allows users to receive personalized suggestions on places to go based on their personal taste profile and friend recommendations. Users can now use both their iPhone and iPad to find local restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs and so on, or use the app to search individual cities when planning a trip.

Foursquare for iPad

The app was also updated earlier this year with display support for the larger iPhone 6 models, Interactive Notifications and 1Password integration. The new notification feature allows users to quickly save, like, and follow updates from notification banners they receive from the app.

Get Your First 50 Articles for Free on Unread for iPad

The popular RSS news reader Unread for the iPad recently relaunched as a free download, however, users can only read their for first 50 articles for free before it changes to a 3 article per day limit. Of course you can unlock the unlimited version for $3.99 as an in-app purchase. This is exactly why Apple changed the "Free" button on the App Store to a "Get" button, but it is still a good deal if you want to give the app a spin before purchasing.

Unread for iPad: RSS News Reader

The pay version of the app includes unlimited reads, more themes, plus all the features found on the free version such as full-screen reading and background refresh. Other features include the ability to change the read/unread status of an article with a simple double tap and a persistent web browser that keeps track of your history.

Weather Channel iPad App Gets iOS 7 Redesign

After upgrading its iPhone app earlier this month, The Weather Channel has given its iPad app a much needed redesign. Version 4.0 of the The Weather Channel App for iPad is "more closely aligned to the iOS 7 aesthetic" and it now features an easy-to-use interface, according to the updated official App description.

The Weather Channel App for iPad

Apple has also stopped pulling its data from Yahoo for its stock Weather app in favor of getting its data directly from the Weather Channel. Getting this information straight from the source, Yahoo also uses Weather Channel data for its app, allows iOS users to receive more accurate location-based services, longer range forecasts and weather summaries.

Adobe Releases Three New Apps for the iPad: Photoshop Mix, Line and Sketch

Adobe released three new apps for the iPad to the Apple App Store last week. The apps give iPad users the ability to use Adobe's services such as Photoshop on their tablets. The first, Adobe Photoshop Mix is a cloud-based image editor which allows users to access Photoshop features and edit images on to go. Mix is supposed to be easier than using Adobe Touch, and it is free, compared to $9.99.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Line is a drafting tool for the iPad. It allows users to port images from their Creative Cloud accounts. Users can also draw straight lines, geometric shapes, perspective views using their finger or Adobe's new Ink Cloud pen and Slide digital ruler.

Control the Star Wars Universe On Your iPad

There is no shortage of Star Wars games for iOS devices, but that hasn't stopped Disney from releasing Star Wars Scene Maker to the App Store. The app allows users to create their own Star Wars scenes by choosing from a variety of 3D environments, characters and ships inspired by the hit franchise.

Star Wars Scene Maker

Users can even record their own voices with Darth Vader, Rebel Pilot, or Storm Trooper filters or use dialogue straight from the films. Other features include the ability to switch between three cameras for multiple scene angles, the option to use original musical from the films, and the ability to write your own title crawl and closing credits.

Discover Others Who Share Your Secrets with Whisper 4.0

The secret sharing app Whisper has added a new option which reveals whispers from other users that relate to your own. The app still keeps your whispers anonymous, but it now displays related posts so you can interact with like minded people in the community. Version 4.0 of the app also adds the ability for users to easily search over 200 categories and see secrets based on location.

Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

Whisper is an anonymous social community where users are encouraged to share their thoughts with the world. Members can post their "whispers" to a "realtime stream" for instant gratification and interact with other members while keeping their true identity a secret. The app features a selection of photos and creative fonts for users to use, and it allows users to follow and comment on topics they find interesting.

Adobe Launches Free Video App to Help You 'Show Your Story'

Adobe has launched a new video app that offers an alternative to PowerPoint and supplies business owners with a way to create animated clips using text, video and audio to sell their services. The app called Adobe Voice is being described as a way to breathe "new life into static presentation formats".

Adobe Voice

The app seems mostly aimed at professionals and students, but it is also accessible to novice consumers who would like a free and easy way to create presentations. Users can use ready-made templates and easily share their creations on Facebook, Twitter or almost any mobile device.


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