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Dolphin Web Browser Improves the iPad Experience

The world's first gesture browser is finally here for the iPad and iPad 2. Gesture browsing is just one of the cool features included in this free App Store application by developer MoboTap. First off, Dolphin Browser HD is optimized for iPads running iOS 3.2 or later. An extensive list of features makes Dolphin a much better browsing experience than the stock Mobile Safari.

iPad Dolphin Browser HD

To start with, gesture browsing is almost like having your favorite bookmarks available with one touch. Tapping a single button and swiping a pre-recorded gesture immediately brings you to the associated URL. You can even add your own gestures to make shortcuts to commonly used commands such as forward and back.

Leaked YouTube Video Announces Skype iPad App Early

Skype planned to tell the world it was coming to the iPad next week, but a video accidently uploaded to their YouTube account let the cat out of the bag early.


Skype removed the video, but it reappeared on YouTube (without audio, see below) forcing them to come clean about the upcoming release on Tuesday. The Skype iPad app will feature the usual -- chatting, audio and video calling, but no file sharing.

iPad App Store Gets Helpful Search Filters

Sometimes trying to find an app for your iPad can be an exhausting experience. After all, the App Store offers over 400,000 individual iOS software packages. Over 60,000 of these are iPad-specific apps optimized for the larger screen.

Apple iPad App Store search filters

Apple has recently added a series of search filters to the top of the iPad App Store application to help focus on individual criteria. The buttons that have appeared include filters for Category, Release Date, Customer Rating, Price, Device, and a Reset Filters option.

Top Five Places to Find the Best iPad Applications

Sometimes getting software for your iPad can be a real drag. After all, with thousands upon thousands of choices in the App Store, finding the right application takes time. Searching on iTunes isn't always the greatest experience, either. Luckily there are a variety of different websites that specialize in making sense of iPad apps.

Apple iPad App Store iTunes logo icon

What follows is a list of five incredibly useful sites that will help with your app search and make sure you get the most bang for your iPad buck. With more information at your fingertips you can find and download digital gems you may not have encountered otherwise.

Launch Apps Show Up in iPad App Store, Prices High

Another report out of MacRumors today reveals that iPad applications that will be available to iPad owners on release day have begun showing up in the iPad App Store. Though the article makes no mention of how MacRumors was able to access the App Store, it provides some notable details on what is currently available.

ipad app store

Perhaps interestingly, of the current top eight iPad applications (by revenue), all are games. Of course, it is completely unclear how many of the lucky few with an advance iPad are out there, so these statistics could be completely meaningless.

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