iPad 3G + Wi-Fi

iPad 3G Data Plan Settlement in the Works

Owners of the original iPad 3G have started to receive settlement claim forms related to a class action lawsuit. The Apple and AT&T customers receiving claims could be eligible for a $40 check from the settlement. US District Judge Ronald White gave the OK for settlement to iPad 3G buyers who picked up their tablets before June 7, 2010.

iPad 3G settlement

In order to qualify, customers must file a claim before February 3, 2014. The option to switch in and out of the AT&T unlimited data plan must have been a factor in their decision to purchase an iPad 3G. Also, the court must approve final terms for the deal before any checks are mailed.

Apple Reveals iPad Data Plan Tools

Apple has revealed more details about how iPad owners can manage and monitor their 3G data plans directly from the device. Under Settings -> Cellular Data, the plan can be initiated without a contract at any time.

Apple iPad 3G no contract

Presumably you'll need to be connected over Wi-Fi to select your 3G data plan and process a credit card number. Once the plan has been purchased, the iPad will monitor your usage and give you an alert automatically when only 20 percent, 10 percent, and no data bandwidth is remaining.

iPad Will Support 3G VoIP Calling

It's official: Apple and AT&T will allow VoIP calls over the 3G network, presumably using an iPad or an iPhone. We knew the iPad included a microphone and speaker, however the big news regarding VoIP was revealed in the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) released by Apple yesterday.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) makes it possible to use services like Skype to make voice calls over the Internet. AT&T and Apple have restricted VoIP applications on the iPhone to Wi-Fi in the past. Now developers are free to develop applications with this capability over the 3G cellular network.

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