iPad 3 Specifications

iPad 3 Teardown Reveals Higher Production Costs

Like clockwork, as soon as Apple releases a new product, teams like IHS iSuppli rush to disassemble the device into its component parts. The new iPad is no different, and the teardown has revealed a slimmer profit margin for Apple due to more expensive components.

iSuppli teardown iPad 3 cost

This comes as no surprise, especially with the Retina display costing an estimated $30 more than its predecessor. Including manufacturing, the new 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad costs $316 to make, compared to the iPad 2 at $245. Apple has chosen to keep retail pricing for the device level at $499 despite this $71 difference.

Place Your Bets! Sky Bet Releases iPad 3 Odds

The online betting website SkyBet has released their odds for the upcoming iPad 3 specifications. I wonder what happens if Apple doesn't call their next tablet the iPad 3? Can you still collect if Tim Cook announces the "iPad plus"? SkyBet also forgot about the iPad mini, camera type and the size of the next generation tablet.

iPad 3 Specs

I would bet "Yes" on Retina display since many sources and leaks have pretty much confirmed it.

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