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Steve Jobs Reveals Apple iPad 2 Details, March 11 Ship Date

Steve Jobs took the stage at today's Apple event to announce the next generation iPad. The iPad 2 features a 2X faster, power-sipping A5 dual-core processor and up to 9X faster graphics. Front and rear facing cameras for FaceTime video chat are included in a form factor that's 33 percent thinner than the original iPad.

Apple keynote iPad 2 announcement

Weight is reduced as well, with the iPad 2 shaving off 0.2 pounds from its predecessor. The device will ship in two colors, black and white with a metal back. White is pictured above in this photo from Engadget. Models will come in Verizon and AT&T cellular data versions for compatibility with either carrier's wireless technology.

iPad 2 Parts: Apple Launching White iPad?

More iPad 2 parts have been leaked to 9to5 Mac revealing a white iPad 2 bezel. This part is designed to surround the display, which on current iPad models only comes in black.

Apple iPad 2 white bezel

iPhone 4 fans have been waiting for a white model since last summer, and Apple has yet to deliver. Everything from manufacturing problems to incompatibilities with the camera have been cited to blame for the missing white iPhone 4. Now it appears that Apple will throw everyone for a loop and offer the next generation iPad in white.

Apple to Announce iPad 2 Next Week

Looks like 2011 will be the year of the iPad. This is according to an invitation sent out by Apple for a special media event on March 2nd at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francsico. Seen below, the invitation clearly features an iPad in the background.

Apple iPad 2 invitation

The timing is no accident, either. Apple's next generation iPad 2 launch coincides with this week's launch of the competing Motorola Xoom tablet. All of the attention will shortly be back on Apple and it's iPad in just days.

iPad 2 Cases Confirm Thinner Profile, Camera

More leaked iPad 2 cases have arrived that confirm the next generation tablet will have a slimmer form factor. Various openings on the cases also show a rear-facing camera and other mysterious ports.

Apple iPad 2 cases thin profile

9to5 Mac got their hands on a silicone shell case, and they describe it as "crazy thin". Pictured here, the case features a hole slightly larger than an iPhone 4 camera on the back. Most observers expect the iPad 2 to launch with front and rear facing cameras and FaceTime.

iPad 2 Could Feature Super PLS Display

Industry reports indicate that Apple will change its iPad 2 screen supplier to Samsung and may adopt new display technology in the process. Samsung Mobile Display revealed its Super Plane to Line Switching (PLS) LCD panel in November, and Apple is already rumored to have shown interest in the display.

Apple iPad 2 display Samsung super PLS

Super PLS improves viewing angles over the already impressive In-Plane Switching (IPS) displays found on current iPad models. In addition, Samsung's PLS screens are at least 10 percent brighter than existing IPS components.

Apple Moving iPad 3 Release Date to Fall 2011?

Most of the rumors we hear lately revolve around the upcoming release of the iPad 2. Now it seems that Apple may have a plan in the works to accelerate the iPad release schedule starting with a third generation tablet this fall. A pre-holiday release for the iPad 3 would align the device with the current iPod touch annual refresh.

Apple iPad 3 Fall 2011 holiday release

Speculation and inside information from multiple sources including TechCrunch and Daring Fireball point to Apple's release schedule changing to insure competitors to the iPad don't have any time to gain a foothold in the market. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the iPad 2 is already in production at Foxconn, although an announcement of the updated hardware has yet to arrive.

Apple to Announce iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 Next Week?

We all know how Apple loves to stage special media events surrounding its products. Although this one sits squarely in the rumor department, MacNotes.de reports that Apple will show off features of the upcoming iOS 4.3 release next week, followed by a reveal of the next generation iPad.

Apple iPad 2 event launch iOS 4.3 features

Of course, this is not outside the realm of possibility. In 2010 the original iPad was already old news by the time February came, and Apple is intent on releasing an update to its tablet to stave off the competition. January was completely overshadowed by another Apple product, the Verizon iPhone 4.

iPad 2 Screen Parts Reveal Slimmer Design

9to5mac reports that a next generation iPad 2 LCD screen has surfaced revealing an updated design with a slimmer profile. The replacement part is marked DVT, which means Design Verification Test, meaning the screen is just one step away from production.

iPad 2 screen parts revealed

When compared to an existing original iPad screen, the new model from China is higher quality, with a narrower frame. Although the iPad 2 screen is the same height and width, this new model is one millimeter thinner and weighs less.

iPad 2 SD Card Slot Not Likely

More information has surfaced surrounding a built-in SD card slot on the upcoming iPad 2. According to an AppleInsider report, the rumors of an SD card are unfounded. Photos of pre-release cases have been floating around for some time now, and various interpretations have been made of each case design.

Apple iPad 2 SD card SIM card

Pictured here is the a breakdown, indicating the slot that was previously thought to be an SD card slot. This space is more likely to be a relocated SIM card slot. Apple's move to offer SD card slots on recent model MacBook Pros helped to fuel the rumor. Sources tell AppleInsider this will not be the case on the iPad 2.


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