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iPad 2 Next Generation Hardware Coming April 2011?

A long list of souped-up features could be on its way to the next generation iPad. Analysts are now expecting the device to be released between March and April 2011 with a bevy of new hardware and improvements. Top on the list are a slimmer profile and lighter weight. One way Apple may be considering dramatically reducing the weight in an iPad 2: a carbon fiber body.

Apple iPad 2 carbon fiber back

A patent has been revealed that shows Apple's take on a carbon fiber (CFRP) tablet construction. This would not only dramatically reduce weight, but by replacing aluminum in the current model it could improve Wi-Fi and 3G reception. Currently, plastic windows in the metal back making up the Apple logo and at the top of the iPad 3G are required for antennas.

PCWorld: New, Smaller 'iPad 2' by Christmas 2010

PC World is reporting today that a second Taiwanese source has confirmed the existence of a 7-inch iPad under production or due to begin production in Taiwan. PC World sites Taiwan's Chinese-language Economic Daily News financial newspaper as the source of the report and notes that the Economic Daily News is regarded as one of the first sources to confirm the existence of the iPad, while other outlets were reporting that Apple was instead developing a netbook.

7-inch iPad 2 by Christmas 2010


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