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Harry Potter eBooks Now Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels are now compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Rowling’s website is offering the entire Potter series in ePub format via her Pottermore Shop. The electronic books are compatible with most iOS and Android devices, or other eReaders that work with the ePub format. You can check below for a complete list of compatible devices

iPad ebooks

The individual books range between $8 and $10 each, or you can get the entire set for $57.54. The Harry Potter novels are not available in the Apple iBookstore, but they can be downloaded from the Amazon Kindle store.

iPad Gets New iOS 4.2 Features Today

The long-awaited iOS 4.2 iPad update has been released at 10AM PST today. Apple launched the new firmware for all recent iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Not only is this the first time that iOS runs the same version on the iPad and iPhone, it adds many features to the iPad that iPhone users have been enjoying for months.

Apple iPad iOS 4.2 update released

Two of the most useful changes include multitasking and folders. Not only can you listen to your Pandora radio station while doing other things, Apple's multitasking bar will quickly switch between suspended apps. Folders allow several apps to be stored in one icon and organized by category or name.

iPad Firmware Update iOS 4.2 Beta Includes Tethering

Most people think of Internet tethering as something they have running on another device such as an iPhone to provide Wi-Fi to their iPads. Developers checking out the latest iOS 4.2 beta have found that Apple has now included the feature on iPads, allowing the iPad to share an Internet connection with other devices.

Apple iPad iOS 4.2 Internet Tethering Wi-Fi

The discovery was made on iPads outside of the United States, with screenshots posted from two different wireless carriers in Europe; one in the UK and the other in Sweden. It's not clear if Apple plans to launch the feature in the final public release of iOS 4.2 coming to the iPad in November.

iPad iOS 4.2 Nixes Rotation Lock Switch

Apple will make changes to the rotation lock switch on your iPad when iOS 4.2 firmware arrives on the device this November. The beta version of the new operating system was released to developers today, and the external switch next to the volume buttons has been reassigned as a mute button.

Apple iPad Multitasking bar

Rotation lock still exists as an option, of course. The controls are similar to iPhones running iOS 4 or later. Double-clicking the home button will bring up the multitasking bar, which shows running and recently used applications. Swiping all the way to the left shows a specific set of controls on the multitasking bar.

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