Can I add free eBooks to the iPad / iBooks library?

There are a wealth of free eBooks on the internet, including some of the great classics of literature. The good news is, you can easily add these to your iPad's iBooks library by adding them via iTunes and syncing them to your library.

This is made possible by the fact that iBooks uses the popular open format ePub, as Apple recently revealed. Apple's iBooks informational page states

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iPad Will Read Books To You

As part of its pre-order launch day site updates, Apple posted updates detailing new apps that the iPad has brought into the fray. This includes the new iBooks application, as well as iWork suite. One of the most talked about details about the iBooks application that was revealed today is that, if you want it to, it will read books to you.

ibooks will read outloud to you

The dictation/read aloud feature is a product of Apple's VoiceOver technology. VoiceOver, which received an overhaul as part of OS X Snow Leopard, is an accessibility that can read

iBookstore Will Only Launch in US

The iPad is tackling the electronic book market with Apple bringing a brand new content store online, the iBookstore. Titles can be previewed, purchased and read immediately using the iPad-specific application iBooks.

Apple iPhone iPad software

This is great for iPad users in the United States, however it will take some time for the iBookstore to come online in other countries. Problem is that Apple needs to make deals with publishers to offer local content in conformance with local copyright laws.


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