Hulu announces Live TV Guide for streaming service

Hulu Live TV Guide

Hulu today announced that its Live TV Guide is now available on the Xbox One, Apple TV (4th generation or higher), Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd gen.) and the Nintendo Switch. Hulu began testing the Live TV guide option on the web last fall, and announced that it would be coming to more devices at CES last January.


Hulu signs first licensing agreement with Disney


The streaming wars are heating up with more and more companies offering exclusive content and launching their own digital pay-TV services. Hulu today announced that is has "reached its first licensing agreement for theatrical features with The Walt Disney Studios." The new agreement will add over 50 Disney titles to Hulu's on-demand streaming service. New films will include family favorites, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mulan, Pocahontas, and other popular Disney titles like Con Air, Step Up, Gone in 60 Seconds.


Hulu in talks to launch own cable-style steaming service


Hulu is preparing to compete with Sling TV and other online streaming companies as it prepares to launch its own "cable-style" service, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox owned Hulu plans to license channels from its parent companies in order to launch a new arm of its already established on-demand streaming service. The service will include channels such as ABC, ESPN, Disney, Fox and more. Hulu is also in talks with other providers, according to the WSJ.


Hulu to Stream Free Content for iPad this Summer

During Wednesday's Hulu Upfront presentation in NYC, the popular video streaming service announced that it plans to expand its mobile viewership this summer by offering select content for free and launching the next generation Hulu Plus iOS app.

free Hulu content for iPad

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins wrote on the company's blog, "Across the TV industry, we’re seeing greater access to all types of content, and more ways for you, our loyal TV fans, to forge deeper connections with your favorite shows. As the way viewers consume premium TV continues to rapidly evolve, we want to

Hulu Adds 10 New Original Shows With Retina Display Support to Their Summer Lineup

Hulu announced its new slate of summer programing adding ten new Hulu Original Series and Hulu Exclusives. Hulu's new series Spoilers kicks off on June 4th. The multi-act show is hosted by Kevin Smith, and features animation, reenactments, interviews and discussion about the summer's biggest films. Richard Linklater’s Up to Speed is a travel series starring Speed Levitch, and We Got Next is an "offensive bro-mantic comedy" geared towards It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans.

Hulu iPad App

iPad owners will be able to watch all of Hulu's new shows with a "re-engineered, optimized video player" and Retina display support. Hulu version 2.5, available now, also features improved AirPlay mirroring, and HDMI video out.

Hulu's new summer lineup will be available on both the free Hulu and paid Hulu Plus services.

Hulu Plus Service Coming to Apple iPad

Hulu's long-awaited iPad app and premium subscription service is becoming a reality in the coming months. The service will launch by invitation only for starters, and later will be expanded to the general public and to cover more devices including the Xbox 360 and PS3. The streaming video subscription to Hulu Plus runs $9.99 per month.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

This provides access to thousands of streaming television shows including complete seasons and historic reruns from the 80s and 90s. Users can sign up for the invitation only phase and the Hulu iPad app will be launched in the App Store. There are several shows available free of charge in the Hulu app and reviews so far on video quality are positive.

Hulu Plus Subscription Service Coming to iPad?

Next month looks like it could be prime time for television shows on the Apple iPad. Hulu is forging ahead with its plans to add a subscription service to the free ad-supported content it now serves. Although the site is currently Flash-based, reports have indicated the company is moving to a more iPad friendly video format.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

Now reports from the LA Times indicate that Hulu intends to release its subscription service in just over a month, on May 24. The newspaper cited people who have knowledge of the plans, although the company declined to comment. Hulu will not abandon free content, as the company plans to offer the five most recent episodes of shows outside of the subscription wall.

Hulu Negotiates Broadcast Rights for iPad App

Hulu's free TV streaming service is back in the news with the announcement of other television apps for the iPad coming on launch day. Rumors of an iPhone app from Hulu have swirled around the company for a year now, with no application ever hitting the App Store. Now Hulu, seeing an opportunity on the iPad platform, is said to be negotiating rights clearances with content providers for the device.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

Any mobile Hulu app would likely be based on a subscription model to increase revenues. Although the company has been profitable in the last two quarters, the NY Times reports that some of its 200 content suppliers believe revenue from the service needs to increased. 903 million video streams were watched using Hulu this January.

Hulu Abandoning Flash for the iPad?

A new rumor, circulated this week, suggests that Hulu is actively developing a solution to bring a compatible version of the second largest video outlet on the web to the iPad. The current version of the Hulu website is not iPad compatible, due to the lack of Flash support. Hulu uses Flash to deliver its video content to viewers.

hulu coming to the ipad?

An inside source has purported that Hulu is already moving forward on plans to bring Hulu to the iPad, and while unsubstantiated, the claim makes a reasonable amount of sense. One one hand, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has called for a strong focus on moving into mobile. On another hand, although Hulu uses Flash to deliver their video content, the shows and movies that Hulu offers viewers is actually already encoded in

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