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iPad 2 and iPhone HDMI Cables to Become Reality

As anyone with the Apple Digital AV Adapter knows, HDMI cables currently require the $39 part to connect to an iPad or iPhone. According to a report by CNET a more normal-looking Apple 30-pin to HDMI connector cable is on the way from third party manufacturers.

30-pin Apple to HDMI connector cable

The photo above, taken by CNET during a meeting with RedMere shows the reference design for a cable in the works. Not only will these cables simplify the process of connecting an iPad to an external HD display, they should be less expensive than the AV Digital Adapter plus HDMI cable combo.

Apple Digital AV Adapter Brings HDMI Output to Original iPad

iPad owners will be happy to know that the Digital AV Adapter announced with the iPad 2 also works with the first generation iPad. This simple cable adds HDMI output to the tablets via the 30-pin dock connector port. Some were disappointed when the original iPad was revealed to lack HDMI output in January of last year.

Apple Digital AV Adapter HDMI output iPad

Apple did offer the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, which made it possible to feed 1024 x 768 resolution (4:3 aspect) video to an external device. This accessory is geared towards those making presentations on projectors and the like.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Apple offers the Digital AV Adapter, which connects to an external TV or projector with an HDMI cable. Video mirroring is integrated into the iPad 2, sending whatever appears on the screen to the external device in 1080p HD video. A separate port on the same cable connects to a 30-pin Apple connector, allowing sync or charging while connected to HDMI. The Digital AV Adapter will be available for $39 from Apple.

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