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Get 50% Off the iPad SeeSaw Stand From Griffin Technology [Deals]

Griffin Technology is offering 50% off its SeeSaw iPad case and stand. The colorful iPad accessory makes using the tablet easier in the classroom or lab, by allowing you to view it while sitting or standing. You can also easily switch between portrait or landscape mode without removing the iPad from the case.

iPad Case

The SeeSaw is constructed from a lightweight material that is easy to clean, and it features a built-in carrying handle so you can move it from desktop to desktop. The case also offers full access to the tablet's ports, cameras, speakers and controls.

Review: Griffin Flex Grip for iPad

You have an iPad and you love it. You want to get full utility out of it. If you are like me, then you are surprised by how much you use it and how little you use your desktop or even your laptop anymore. You also want to protect the minimum $500.00 you've spent on it. Cases of some sort have become an absolute must. Naked iPad use just doesn't cut it for some users. The iPad has a wonderful form factor, but it needs some help. Holding it in its naked form just isn't good enough.

griffin flex grip ipad review 1

Silicone and rubber have been used to protect things for a long while now. It makes sense. It is soft yet strong. This isn't new or innovative. Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer, through his corporation "Kramerica", wanted to use silicone or rubber to protect the environment? He came up with an idea where all oil tankers would be lined with a layer of silicone or rubber. That way if the tanker crashed the oil would still be secured. It was a joke on the show, but I bet those responsible for recent events that have taken place wish they had taken it more seriously and made an effort at implementing it.

Review: Griffin Elan Passport Folio Case For iPad

By now you've probably had your iPad for a few weeks and are settling into using it and integrating it into your lifestyle. Well... that is, of course, only if you live in these great United States.  Those of you outside of the U.S. still drooling and waiting for your iPad will have to read this review with an eye to the future.   Anyway, you have probably come to realize that "naked" use of the iPad isn't the greatest experience.  I, of course, mean that the iPad is naked not the user.  I can't speak to that other type of experience.  The iPad looks great, but holding it naked isn't comfortable.  If you take your iPad out of the house a lot then carrying it naked can be scary from a protection standpoint.  The good news is that many manufacturers are now coming out with a wide array of cases.

Griffin Elan Passport for iPad Review 0

The Passport is a leather folio case.  I was waiting for one of these.  I have felt that this would be an important item and was what I envisioned carrying my iPad around in.  I like the leather folio image.  Think about it.  Even if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, if you are walking around with a leather folio, you get some instant credibility.  "Wow that guy must be some sort of important executive.  I mean he's gotta be, he's carrying around a leather thing.  Maybe he is one of those eccentric millionaire types who doesn't go for the buttoned down suit and tie look the 'man' expects." Certain items have this effect.  For example, one of those aluminium-looking briefcases.  Wow, if you see a guy with one of those, you've got to be instantly interested.  Is he a drug dealer, a spy, or some guy paying off a ransom?  These are the sorts of comments from strangers that I strive for and my fragile ego needs.

Griffin PowerBlock

PowerBlock from Griffin Technology is an energy-star certified wall charger with non-polarized foldable prongs. PowerBlock charges the iPad quickly with a full 2.1 amps, and indicates charge status with a built-in light. The USB port can be used to charge any compatible device. A dock connector to USB cable is included.

You can pre-order the PowerBlock for $29.99. The PowerDuo is also available: Griffin offers the PowerBlock bundled with the PowerJolt for a discount at $49.99.

Griffin PowerJolt

PowerJolt from Griffin Technology plugs directly into the 12V power outlet (cigarette lighter) in your car and charges the iPad quickly with a full 2.1 amps. An illuminated ring indicates charge status and the PowerJolt's USB port can be used to charge any compatible device. A dock connector to USB cable is included.

You can pre-order the PowerJolt for $24.99. The PowerDuo is also available: Griffin offers the PowerJolt bundled with the PowerBlock for a discount at $49.99.

Griffin A-Frame

The Griffin A-Frame is a heavy-duty aluminum stand that swings out to hold your iPad up for easy viewing. The iPad rests in a non-slip silicone-padded groove in either landscape or portrait orientation. Space for the docking cable is built in, and the A-Frame will hold the iPad even if it's inside a flexible or hard shell case. The A-Frame also folds into a low angled position for typing and desktop use. Available for pre-order now at $49.99.


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