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Google Maps for iPad Coming Soon

Google had plenty to say about its Maps app at this year's Google I/O keynote presentation. Ever since Apple launched its own mapping application millions of iOS 6 users have downloaded Google's stand-alone Google Maps app, released in December. iPad owners were left out of the fun, but the company now says an iPad version is in the works and will arrive this summer.

Google Maps iPad

iPad compatibility alone won't be the only improvement coming to Google Maps for iOS. Google touted a new "Experience" feature that will display indoor maps for many places on an interface designed for tablet displays. The Maps update will also include new location and restaurant ratings from Zagat along with Google Offers integration.

Dislike the iOS 6 Maps App? Add the Google Maps Web App to Your iPad

If you are one of the many Apple fans who dislike the iOS 6 Maps application, you can still install the Google Maps web app to your Home screen. The web app won't be supported by Siri, or give you turn-by-turn navigation, but it will let you access transit and bike routes, plus give you access to Google's data for better local searches.

iOS 6 Maps

To get Google Maps back onto your iPad or iPhone, bring up Safari and go to It might ask you permission to access your Location depending on your privacy settings. If you allow it access, you will then be able to add an icon to your Home screen by hitting the arrow in the top right hand corner.

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