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How do I send multiplayer invites without the Game Center app?

Apple has removed the standalone Game Center app from iOS devices with the release of iOS 10, but Game Center-like features are still available within individual apps that utilize Apple's GameKit. Users can send multiplayer invites through the iMessages app to people in their contacts or other players. Invited players will receive a "rich link" to join the sendee in the game. Users who do not have the game installed on their device will be directed to the App Store to download the game.

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Why did my Game Center app disappear?

Apple discontinued the standalone Game Center app with the release of iOS 10. Third-party games can still utilize Game Center features from GameKit, such as leaderboards, but they will need to be accessed within the app instead of the standalone Game Center app. In short, Game Center features still exist in iOS games, but the Game Center app is no longer available.

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Does iOS 10 mark the end of Game Center?

Game Center iOS 10

It is safe to say a lot of iOS users consider Game Center one of the more useless stock apps on their Apple devices. Even if you are an avid mobile gamer, Game Center can drive you bonkers with its constant banners popping up and interrupting your games. A lot of iOS users have long searched for a way to delete Game Center or disable its "Welcome Back" banner. This is why it was so disappointing when Apple did not include Game Center on its list of removable stock apps in iOS 10.

How do I stop the Game Center login screen from popping up?

Like most features in iOS there is no toggle switch to disable Game Center. You can logout of Game Center, but that only replaces the annoying Welcome Back banner with a login screen. On some devices the login screen disrupts your game by popping up in the middle of game play. iOS 9.1 seems to have fixed this bug by making sure the Game Center login screen is only displayed when you first open an app, but this can also be annoying.

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How can I log out of Game Center in iOS 7?

You can log out of Game Center in iOS 7 by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Game Center
2. Tap the "Apple ID" tab
3. Tap "Sign Out" on the pop up box

Logging out of Game Center will eliminate the "Welcome back..." banner, but the banner will be replaced by an equally annoying sign in screen that will also interrupt game play and increase a game's loading time. You can learn how to disable the "Welcome back..." banner on jailbroken devices here.

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How can I disable the Game Center Welcome Back banner?

The Game Center "Welcome back" banner not only slows down iOS games, but it has been known to disrupt game play. Unfortunately logging out of Game Center only replaces the banner with a sign in screen that can also interrupt game play and increase loading times. The only known way to disable the "Welcome back" banner is by installing the jailbreak tweak DisableWelcomeBanner. This tweak can be found for free on the kinchan repo at

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