iPad Facebook App Coming Soon

It only took them over a year but Facebook is finally coming to the iPad. According to The New York Times, people are being briefed on the new social networking app that Facebook plans to launch in coming weeks.

The free app is being overseen personally by founder Mark Zuckerberg and is designed to be used with the iPad's touch-screen interface. Users will be able to shoot and upload pictures and video with the iPad's cameras, and Facebook Groups and Chat will feature a more iPad-friendly look and feel.


A person who has seen the app told the Times that the photo/video experience is "amazing."

Yes, Facebook is Down: Now Go Outside

If any of you are trying to access Facebook from your PC, iPad, iPhone or what have you -- you may be having some issues. As numerous sources, including the folks at Facebook have confirmed, Facebook is currently down. Evidently, network issues that are outside of Facebook's control have resulted in a service outage.

facebook is down

Facebook Prepping Video for iPad Browsers

Popular social networking site Facebook is about to join the list of iPad-ready websites. Some videos now play when visiting the site from Mobile Safari on the iPad, whereas previously the user was prompted to install Adobe Flash.

Apple iPad Facebook video

Flash is not welcome on Apple devices, as CEO Steve Jobs has made clear time and time again. Facebook's shift away from Flash video follows numerous other major web sites including YouTube, Flickr, CNN and Vimeo. Currently when selecting a video to play on Facebook, the iPad plays the MP4 video directly and reverts to full screen.


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