Save 30% on the iPad Air Airstrap Case from Griffin [Deals]

Griffin Technology's Airstrap Case for the iPad Air is now 30% off when you use the promo code AIRSTRAP during checkout. The promotion starts today and is only available through This offer ends on Saturday (04/19/14), so make sure you take advantage of it now.

Airstrap Case for iPad Air

The Airstrap Case for the iPad Air features a built-in hand strap that allows you to hold your tablet with one hand. This is great for reading or when using your iPad on the go, since it frees up one hand for navigating the display. The case is a thick molded frame that protects your iPad from edge-to-edge, and it also includes contoured edges for an easier grip.

Save 20% on an iPad mini or 10% on an iPad Air: Cartwheel by Target

Target is offering 15% off the first-generation iPad mini through its Cartwheel iOS app. You can also save an additional 5% when you use your Red card at any Target retail location. That's a total of 20% off the 16GB iPad mini, which makes it only $239. The Target Cartwheel deal ends on March 29, 2014, so you need to act now.

iPad Deals

You can also save 10% on any iPad Air model with the app, and apply the 5% Target Red card bonus to any in-store purchases. Taking advantage of both discounts will allow you to nab a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for only $425. This deal also ends on March 29, 2014

Walmart, Target and Best Buy Really, Really Want You to Buy a New iPhone or iPad

The Apple price wars are really starting to heat up between Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Walmart has topped Best Buy's current iPhone sale by dropping the price of the iPhone 5s from $145 to $119, and by reducing the iPhone 5c to only $29. You can even save more money by trading in your used electronics through Walmart's Gadgets to Gift Cards program.

iPad Deals

Beginning March 9, Target is offering a minimum of $150 for used iPad 2 models, according to Techno Buffalo. Target's iPad 2 trade-in deal begins one-day after Best Buy's $200 iPad trade-in deal expires, and it includes a bonus $30 Target gift card for anyone who participates. Target is also accepting used iPhone trade-ins until March 22.

Save up to 80% on iPad and iPhone Accessories [Deals]

Griffin Technology is doing a little spring cleaning by offering 80% off of its DreamStand and PowerDock Dual chargers for iOS devices.

PowerDock Dual

The DreamStand holds your iPad in both portrait and landscape orientation so you can easily watch movies or read while charging your tablet. The Dreamstand also features a USB port for charging a second device, and it accommodates most iPad cases. You can nab the DreamStand for the iPad 2 or 3 for only $10 via

Save up to $200 on Select iPad Models [Deals]

Best Buy keeps rolling out the deals on Apple products and the prices just keep getting better and better. This time the electronics retailer is offering up $200 off on select iPad models. You can save up to $100 on Wi-Fi only iPad Air models via, or up to $200 on cellular models at participating Best Buy locations.

iPad Air Deal

The cellular model offer is in-store only and requires a 2-year agreement with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless. You can read the rest of the fine print by hitting the link above.

Don't forget, you should always call ahead to make sure your local Best Buy is participating location before you make any ill-advised trips. This sale ends on March 8, 2014.

Target Offering $50 Gift Card with Purchase of iPad Air or Any iPad mini

Target is running a special limited time deal on all new iOS devices including the iPad Air and iPad mini. The sale begins on Sunday, February 9 and ends on Saturday, February 15. The retailer is offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of a 16GB iPad Air, any model iPad mini, or a 16GB iPhone 5s. Customers can also receive a $30 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone 5c.

Target iPad Sale

Target is also giving away gift cards for used iOS devices in good working condition. The Target Electronics Trade-In Program is powered by NextWorth, which we demonstrated pays more money for older devices than Walmart's trade-in program. NextWorth also pays via PayPal instead of store credit if you don't mind shipping your device directly to them.

Apple iPad 2 Only $299 at Walmart

Walmart is offering $100 in rollback savings on Apple's 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 for the next 30 days. The retailer is also giving away up to $300 in store credit for older device trade-ins. Older model tablets are bringing in at least $100, which means you could potentially get an iPad 2 for $199. That's not a bad price if you're looking to nab a second-generation iPad, but it seems silly to buy an iPad 2 when you could get a newer iPad mini with Retina display for around the same price. Even the 7-inch 16GB Kindle Fire HD is cheaper at $199.

iPad 2 Sale

You can also trade-in your old smartphone and receive store credit towards a 16GB iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. The amount of credit you will receive depends on the condition of your old device, and the deal requires that you sign a new two-year agreement with AT&T or Verizon.

Best Buy Holding Two Day iPad Air and iPad mini Sale

Best Buy is holding a two-day sale for all iPad Air models and first-generation iPad mini models. The sale begins on Friday and ends this Saturday (01/25/14). You can save $50 on any iPad Air, and $30 on the original iPad mini. In addition, Best Buy is offering between $10 to $75 in credit for almost any electronic device you trade in. This includes laptops, digital cameras an so on... Certain tablets, gaming systems and mobile phones will nab you the highest amount.

iPad Air Deals

The electronics retailer also has a variety of mobile phone deals running through February. You can get a Samsung Galaxy S 4 for free from Verizon on Friday and Saturday, and free through AT&T until Saturday, February 2. The 16GB iPhone 5s and 5c are $50 off and the 32GB models are $100 cheaper through February.

App Santa Bringing Holiday Joy to iOS Users

A few high-profile developers have launched App Santa, a website where you can save up to 60% on award winning apps for Christmas! There are deals on several apps such as 1Password and the popular Tweetbot. You can check out a complete list below.

App Santa

EA, Disney and Warner Bros. are also holding holiday app sales. Over 40 EA games like The Sims: Medieval and Dead Space are only $0.99 for a limited time, and popular Warner Bros. titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have also been discounted. You can shop for all these deals on the EA, Disney or Warner Bros. section of Apple's App Store.

iPotty on Sale for a Limited Time [Deals]

Are you looking for the ultimate gag gift? CTA Digital's iPotty has popped up on Amazon's Limited-Time Deals of the Day, and shockingly it is kind of selling fast. 66% of the available stock has already been claimed with over an hour left before the deal expires. Who knew the iPotty would be so popular!

iPotty Sale

Earlier this year numerous tech blogs voted the iPotty as the most useless product at CES 2013. It is a plastic potty training seat that includes an adjustable iPad stand for entertaining toddlers while they learn to make boom boom on the toilet. The iPotty also features a removable touchscreen splash guard, a removable inner bowl for easy cleanup, and it can be even be converted into an activity seat.


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