Does Google Chromecast work with the iPad?

Google's HDMI streaming media player known as "Chromecast" works with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later. This includes the iPad or 2 or later and iPhone 4s or later. It also works with Android 2.3 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later, Windows 7 or higher and most Chromebooks.

The Chromecast is available from and Google Play for only $35.

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Google Wants to Turn Your TV Into an Art Collaboration

Photowall for Chromecast is a new iOS app by Google which allows people to "collaborate with images" on their Chromecast-connected TVs. Chromecast owners can use the new app to doodle and comment on images before beaming them to their televisions to share with other Photowall users. The app also allows anyone to add photos to the montage, and it automatically uploads your Photowall creations to YouTube for easier sharing.

Photowall for Chromecast

Photowall for Chromecast is available for iOS devices only. It is free to download from the App Store and it is compatible with all devices running iOS 6.0 or higher.

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