iPad Speaker Case Improves Sound w/Portability

External speakers for the iPad come in all shapes and sizes, including stationary docks that boost sound and improve audio quality. After all, the built-in iPad speaker can only do so much. The iMainGo XP takes the concept a bit further and integrates four high-quality speakers directly into an iPad case, for total portability.

iMainGo XP iPad portable audio case

The case is self-powered, with 8 hours of battery power provided on a single charge. iMainGo XP not only protects the iPad or iPad 2, but it unfolds to reveal the speakers and tuned bass ports. Despite its full sound, the case is only 1.5 inches thick and will add just 2 pounds to the weight of your iPad.

Review: Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for iPad

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve has a sleek look and protects the iPad from dings and scratches. The sleeve is made with shiny StretchShell neoprene, which repels water and stains. The Skinny Sleeve comes in white and black and fits the iPad like a glove.

Acme Made Skinny Sleeve iPad case review 1

This case is incredibly thin even though it's solidly padded, perfect for tossing the iPad into a bag or backpack. The Acme Made logo is subtle and is pictured here in silver on black. There are no zippers or snaps on the Skinny Sleeve. Nothing interrupt the simple, polished look of the case.

iPad 2 Cases Confirm Thinner Profile, Camera

More leaked iPad 2 cases have arrived that confirm the next generation tablet will have a slimmer form factor. Various openings on the cases also show a rear-facing camera and other mysterious ports.

Apple iPad 2 cases thin profile

9to5 Mac got their hands on a silicone shell case, and they describe it as "crazy thin". Pictured here, the case features a hole slightly larger than an iPhone 4 camera on the back. Most observers expect the iPad 2 to launch with front and rear facing cameras and FaceTime.

Review: Mivizu Primo Leather Case for iPad

The Mivizu Primo Leather folio case for iPad has a compact, stylish design that protects the tablet without a whole lot of extra bulk. The first thing we noticed after opening the Primo Leather was soft, textured black leather and high-contrast white stitching. The front panel of this case is firm to protect the screen, but still flexible.

Apple iPad Accessory Mivizu Primo Leather Case Photo 1

The folio opens much like a leather-bound book, with a strong magnetic clasp. This clasp provides security while remaining easy to open and close. Thanks to the slim profile of the Primo Leather there's not much inside the case besides a slot for the iPad itself.

Review: Acme Made Slick Case for iPad

Acme Made offers the Slick Case for iPad, designed for complete protection when transporting or using your Apple tablet. The case comes in matte black or gloss white for $39.99. Here we take a closer look at the white version, which does indeed have a sharp-looking glossy finish. Dual zippers wrap around three sides of the case for easy access.

Apple iPad Accessory Acme Made Slick Case Photo 1

The zippers themselves are compact, but have plastic covers that make them easy to pull. The packaging describes Acme Made's exclusive StretchShell neoprene which gives the exterior of the Slick Case liquid and stain resistant qualities. All it took was a damp cloth or paper towel for dirt and water droplets to wipe off and the white, glossy StretchShell looked like new.

Griffin Introduces iPad Accessories

Griffin makes some of the slickest iPhone cases out there, so it's no surprise they've announced new accessories for the Apple iPad.

Apple iPad case Griffin Jumper

Pictured here is the neoprene Jumper. This black sleeve case fits snugly around the iPad and seals completely with a pull tab to keep dirt, dust, and scratches away from your device.

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