New 3-second video crashing iOS devices

There's a new malicious video being circulated that will crash your iPad and iPhone. Like the Unicode of Death message bug that was crashing devices last year, a new .mp4 video will freeze your iPad or iPhone when it is played in Safari. EverythingApplePro highlighted the glitchy video in a YouTube video posted on Monday. You can watch the explanation video posted above. Don't worry it won't crash your device.


Apple Investigating iPad 3 Wi-Fi Issues

Apple has finally responded to the iPad 3 Wi-Fi complaints piling up on the Apple Support forums. An internal memo posted by 9to5Mac shows Apple is "capturing" any new iPads suffering from slow Wi-Fi speeds and poor connectivity. This means Apple Store employees will replace any third-generation iPad experiencing Wi-Fi issues so they can send the defective device back to Apple for inspection.

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Broken

First iPad 3 Complaint: New iPad Getting too Hot to Hold?

In an early iPad 3 review TechCrunch noted that the new iPad takes longer to charge and heats up after prolonged use.

"One other slight downside which I have to assume is related to either the battery or the LTE functionality is that unlike previous iPad models, the new iPad does get noticeably warm in the lower left corner after prolonged use. "

The reviewer made it clear that the iPad only gets warm, not hot, but some iPad 3 owners are already complaining that the tablet is getting too uncomfortable to hold while watching movies or playing games.

iPad 3 Battery

A thread on the MacRumor forums seems to confirm that the iPad 3 is warming up in the lower left corner when used for an extended amount of time. Some believe this is due to the 4G LTE, or the stronger battery Apple added to handle the power hungry iPad 3 features.

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