Blockbuster On Demand

Blockbuster Launches New On Demand App for iOS Devices

Blockbuster has had a rocky relationship with online streaming, but that hasn't stopped the rental company from bringing its On Demand service to iOS devices. Blockbuster on Demand was originally launched for Android, Roku and Samsung Smart TVs, but it didn't manage to make much of a splash. DISH Digital L.L.C. hopes the new iOS app will give its Blockbuster streaming service the push that it needs to keep the company alive.

iOS Movie Apps

Blockbuster on Demand allows users to stream thousands of movies in HD to any iOS device. There are no subscription plans, late fees, contracts or commitments. You just pay as you go... If you can get the app to work. My Blockbuster on Demand app keeps getting stuck at the start up screen every time I relaunch it. This might also explain why there are zero customer reviews in the App Store rating section.

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