AT&T Leak Points to LTE Capable iPad 3? Probably Not.

Over the weekend, a now notorious group of hackers named Lulzsec, released the quarry from their latest hacking endeavor to the public. One of the released items, a leaked internal document from AT&T, was interpreted by the blog iFans to contain indications that AT&T will be testing an LTE-capable iPad as part of their coming LTE rollout.

at&t leak suggest ipad 3 lte

It is important to note that the leaked document doesn't specifically mention the iPad 3, or an "LTE iPad". It does, however, include the iPad as a device that will be tested as part of the LTE rollout. The portion of the document in question is specifically related to LTE rollout and LTE testing, and the inclusion of the iPad in this list is what is being interpreted as a hint that the coming iPad 3 will support LTE.

Original iPad 3G Prices Drop Again at AT&T

UPDATE: For the time being, the 16GB WiFi + 3G is back in stock at AT&T's online store, the 32GB remains sold out.

The AT&T Mobility online store has dropped prices again on the first-generation iPad 3G + Wi-Fi. The 32GB model already sold out, and now a 64GB iPad can be bought new for just $529 contract-free. This is a full $300 off the original price, a steep 36 percent discount for those who don't feel like doing the math.

AT&T steep discounts iPad 3G original

Apple has not followed suit, holding prices at just $100 off the original selling price. AT&T is offering the 16GB iPad for $429, less than the Wi-Fi only model entry level pricing at launch. Refurbished iPads can be purchased from Apple for even less.

AT&T Offers New iPad Data Plan Billing, One Month Free

AT&T Mobility has announced a new option for iPad 3G data users, a postpaid cellular data plan for tablets. Currently all iPad data plans must be prepaid to start service by activating the subscription directly on the iPad.

AT&T Mobility postpaid iPad data plans

Existing customers can now add the iPad data charges to their monthly wireless bill from AT&T and pay one bill at the end of each month. Those who don't yet have a postpaid account with AT&T can start one for the iPad, only a credit check is necessary and the plan can't be activated on the iPad itself.

Apple iPad 3G Hacker Arrested

One member of the Goatse Security group that revealed an AT&T iPad 3G security breach has been detained after the FBI conducted a search of his property. The "computer security researcher" known as Weev was arrested in Arkansas for possession of LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and a bunch of pills.

Apple iPad 3G Hacker Arrested Mugshot

AT&T has accused the group of compromising its network and maliciously attacking its servers to steal data relating to 114,000 iPad 3G user accounts. Goatse Security claims it's providing a public service by exposing security holes, but the group has been under investigation by the FBI after pulling data from AT&T servers and reporting the story to the media.

AT&T's iPad 3G Security Breach: What it Means to You

If you haven't already heard about the massive iPad security breach that was revealed late last week in an exclusive report by, here's the lowdown: an online security group exploited a vulnerability in AT&T's 3G network and through doing so gained access to at least 114,000 e-mail addresses and ICC IDs (integrated circuit card identifier), a digital identifier that associates SIM cards with the device they represent on AT&T's network. Topping the list of the 114,000 iPad 3G owners that were revealed to have been compromised were powerful CEOs, military personnel, political figures, entertainment personalities and more.

iPad 3G AT&T security breach
Seen above: The list of 114,000 email addresses leaked via the AT&T breach, printed out by

AT&T Refusing iPad Data Plans to Customers Outside 3G Coverage Area

Despite AT&T's recent marketing, which states that 97% of all Americans are covered by AT&T's 3G network, a somewhat surprising number of reports continue to surface from new iPad 3G owners that are being denied the ability to initiate a data plan for their new iPad. During the activation/signup process for an iPad 3G data plan, AT&T is performing checks on the addresses of new customers and refusing to initiate service for those that fall outside of the current coverage provided by AT&T's 3G network. Yes, you heard right: AT&T, who has taken considerable heat for their lack of 3G coverage, is highlighting that fact by turning away customers on that basis.

ipad 3g data plan signup issues

The issue is that many of these customers are well aware of the fact that their home address is not within AT&T's 3G coverage area, but want to purchase an iPad data plan nonetheless. After all, the vast majority of iPad owners will likely choose to use their WiFi networks at home, while reserving the use of their iPad 3G data plans for when they are on the road or otherwise away from home. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the iPad 3G will fail over to AT&T's EDGE network when 3G coverage is not available and one can assume that customers who escape the reach of AT&T's 3G network likely fall within the EDGE network and could successfully (albeit slowly) use their iPad on that network.


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