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iPad Tops Holiday Wish Lists Again, Wii U a Close Second

Kids aged 6 to 12 want an iPad for the holidays more than anything else this year. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Wire, 48% of kids surveyed said they want an iPad, and 39% want a Nintendo Wii U. Apple's iPod touch and iPad mini tied for third with 36% of the vote, and the iPhone beat out other smartphones, gaming consoles and tablets with 33% of children's interest.

2012 Top Holiday Gifts

While the 4th generation iPad and iPad mini are readily available from Apple and other retailers, the Wii U is largely sold out across the U.S.. Holiday shoppers have been turning to third party sellers, and online tracking services such as to find a Wii U console. Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of marketing at Nintendo of America, said Nintendo is doing everything they can do to ensure the Wii U will be on store shelves this shopping season. However, some are accusing retail stores of hoarding Wii U consoles for Black Friday sales. Either way, it looks like Apple products will be the much easier gifts to find and buy this year.

iPad 3 LTE Data Plans: Verizon to Offer Free Hotspot Support

One of the new features of the iPad 3 is the ability to utilize high-speed LTE networks and share the connection with up to 5 other devices. As of today it doesn't look like AT&T will be ready to support the iPad's hotspot feature before its March 16 launch. However, Verizon will offer free hotspot support for the 4G models.

iPad 3 LTE

When pre-ordering the new iPad you must choose what carrier you would like to use. The model you select is configured to work with either Verizon or AT&T, not both! So you'll have to decide which carrier's 4G LTE network you prefer. You do not need to activate your service right away, and you can choose a monthly data plan at a later date when you need it.

AT&T iPad 3G Activation Tops Half a Million

AT&T Wireless released two months worth of iPad 3G data, stating that 400-500 thousand units were activated with data plans on its network during the period. 75-80 percent of these users chose the top-tier monthly data plan over the smaller plan with a low bandwidth limit. Initially, AT&T offered iPad owners the choice of an unlimited data plan or 200 MB.

Apple iPad 3G activations

AT&T has since moved to a tiered data plan on the iPad and iPhone 4. Users can now choose between 2 GB per month or 250 MB. Apple sold over three million iPads in several countries since the April launch. AT&T has an exclusive US contract to provide data plans for the iPad 3G, and offers customers monthly data plans that can be cancelled at any time.

Apple, AT&T Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over iPad 3G Data Plans

Lawyers have lined up behind iPad owners who feel that Apple and AT&T Wireless unfairly baited them into purchasing an iPad 3G with the promise of unlimited data plans. Since the iPad was launched, AT&T has announced the switch: unlimited data plans were due to be removed as an option on June 7. A class-action lawsuit has been filed in United States District Court representing consumers from several states.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Many users are finding that the iPad 3G unlimited data plan is still available, and AT&T has stated that users keeping their unlimited data plan paid every month would be able to keep the plan. A change was also made to the lower-tier plan, with a 250 MB cap reduced to 200 MB for the same price of $15.

AT&T Unlimited iPad Data Plan: Get it While You Can

AT&T launched two new iPad data plans on Monday, however it remains unclear when the unlimited data plan will be removed as an option. The company previously explained that current subscribers to the unlimited data plan would be able to keep those terms of service on a monthly basis until they stopped renewing the plan.

Apple iPad Unlimited Data Plan

Since then, reports have surfaced that AT&T might allow iPad buyers who ordered their devices before June 7 to have the unlimited plan as an option when their iPad arrives. Representatives from AT&T couldn't say how long the unlimited option would be available and advised purchasing the plan immediately.

iPad 3G Data Plan Diary: How Long Does 250MB Last?

Critics have already charged that the iPad 3G limited data plan won't get you very far with only 250 MB. We put this allegation to the test and kept a log of what activities took place on the iPad when connected to 3G. Checking data usage is simple under Settings, General, Usage so each time the iPad was used everything went into the diary.

Apple iPad 3G Data Plan

An iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model was activated with AT&T's unlimited data plan over a Wi-Fi network the morning of day one. Activation went smoothly and cost $29.99. In contrast, AT&T offers the 250 MB plan for $14.99. For the diary, most of the cellular data usage took place in the car, with the remaining balance spent whenever a Wi-Fi signal wasn't available.

Is AT&T's 250MB iPad 3G Plan for you? Probably not.

Your iPad Wi-Fi + 3G came yesterday and you're thinking 250MB sounds pretty good for $14.99. Problem is we're talking about 30 days. The other problem is, whether you like the title or not, you are an early adopter. A technophile. Gadget-prone and Internet savvy. You pre-ordered an iPad, after all.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Breaking down 250MB is pretty simple. It's not a lot of data. Not anymore, at least. 174 floppy disks sounds like plenty of space, until you compute that it only fills up 38% of a 74 minute CD-R. In the interest of science, I've averaged my iPhone data usage over the recent months in anticipation of the iPad 3G.

AT&T Details iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Data Plans

AT&T Wireless, the official US carrier for Apple's 3G-compatible iPad, has released further details on how the data plan will work. The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G arrives in stores Friday, April 30 at 5 pm. No contract is required for 3G data usage and the plan can be activated directly from the iPad.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

AT&T will automatically renew the plan every 30 days by charging the user's credit card unless the plan is dropped. Two plans are available, a limited 250MB plan and an unlimited version. The data plan expires 30 days from the time of purchase or when the bandwidth limit is exceeded.

AT&T CEO: iPad is a Wi-Fi Driven Product

In comments this week, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he expects most people to use the iPad on Wi-Fi networks. The exclusive provider of 3G service to Apple's revolutionary new tablet computer just isn't expecting a lot of subscriptions to the data plan.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Stephenson explained in an investor conference, "my expectation is that there's not going to be a lot of people out there looking for another subscription." The subscription he's referring to is a $30 monthly unlimited data plan for 3G iPads. A limited plan (250 MB) is also available for $15 a month.

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