Survey: Netbook Shoppers Flock to iPad

Apple's iPad continues to make an impact on the mobile computing industry, and Retrevo's Pulse Study seeks to make sense of it all. The latest research showed some interesting breakdowns in consumer purchases and preferences when it comes to the lightest, cheapest computers available compared to the ultra-portable iPad.

Apple iPad vs Netbook Sales

So is the iPad killing netbooks? Not exactly. Is the iPad making an impact on netbook sales in the US? Absolutely. The graphic above shows that over three-quarters of respondents who are torn between a netbook and iPad are leaning towards the iPad.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Apple Wireless Keyboard connects to the iPad with built-in Bluetooth technology and has a range of 30 feet. This compact aluminum design is 24 percent smaller than full-sized keyboards and includes Mac-specific function keys for features like screen brightness, volume, and play/pause. The Apple Wireless Keyboard uses two AA batteries and automatically conserves battery life. Available now for $69.00.


iPad and iPhone 4 Could Make Apple Bigger Than Microsoft

Shares in Apple (AAPL) get rave reviews these days from Wall Street analysts like Kathryn Huberty at Morgan Stanley. Her forecast increased from $275 per share to $310, with a "bull case" scenario topping out at a whopping $400 per share in 2011. Apple could earn up to $20 per share thanks to strong iPad and iPhone sales worldwide.

Apple iPad Sales

Apple stock closed up almost two percent today at a price of $247 and continues to gain in after hours trading. With the third largest total market capitalization of US public companies, Apple is hot on the heels of computer giant Microsoft. Second place Microsoft is behind only Exxon Mobil Corporation, the public company with the largest market cap in the US.

Apple Ships iPad Internationally on May 28

Apple has announced that nine markets outside the US will receive the iPad on May 28. As was previously revealed, pre-ordering for these countries starts on Monday, May 10 for both the Wi-Fi only and 3G models. The May 28 shipping date announcement comes amid iPad 3G shortages at Apple stores in 13 cities across the US.

Apple iPad 3G

One million iPads have already been sold as of last week. Many iPad fans overseas had friends ship their new device internationally after pre-ordering in the US to get the iPad earlier. Due to heavy demand, Apple pushed back its initial release schedule for international distribution.

Review: Apple iPad Case (Official)

First of all, I generally dislike cases for my devices. I understand their utility, but I hate the way they often destroy the form factor. My Droid doesn't have a case and neither does my iPod touch. I thought about it several times and took a close look at what was available, but I never could bring myself to do it. They make the devices clunkier and thicker than they should be. Also, not having a case makes me feel like a tough guy who lives dangerously and plays by his own rules.

apple ipad case review

Apple clearly spends a lot of time making sure their form factor is designed in an appealing manner. The iPad is no exception. I love the way it looks, and its dimensions are perfect. I picked up what has been a surprisingly elusive Apple case on release day. I was against it but knew that I planned to travel with my iPad, so I took the plunge. I figured I'd only use it while transporting the iPad. I would then remove the evil thing when I arrived at my destination.

Apple Delays International iPad Release Date

Apple iPad fans outside the US will have to wait an extra month to get their hands on the device. Pre-ordering will open up to users in select countries starting May 10, with a ship date later the same month.

Apple iPad 3G

According to a statement by Apple, the iPad has been "a runaway success" in the US. Due to the half a million units sold in its first week and Wi-Fi + 3F models shipping later in April, Apple decided to push back its plans for international distribution.

Apple Buys iPad Trademark from Fujitsu

Apple now officially owns the trademark for the term "iPad". A recent article on details the transfer of the iPad trademark, which was first registered in 2003 by Fujitsu, to Apple Inc. (AAPL).

ipad trademark now apples

Fujitsu originally registered the trademark for its now-defunct iPad device, a hand held computer that was used by retailers for inventory and check-out purposes.

Initial expectations that Apple would challenge the iPad trademark were confirmed when Apple initiated opposition proceedings last year. However, according to the article, these proceedings never progressed and left Apple only to file extensions on their proceedings, with Apple filing its last extension in December of last year.

Get the iPad Wallpaper for your Desktop

A few days ago, we posted the iPad Wallpaper for your iPhone. For non-jailbroken iPhone users, this allowed you to achieve little bit of an iPad feel, while jailbroken iPhones could be combined with Winterboard and other mods/applications to achieve a theme almost identical to the iPad seen during the Apple iPad announcement event.

ipad wallpaper for desktop 1920x1200

Despite thousands of users already having downloaded the iPhone version of the iPad Wallpaper, many users have inquired about a desktop-sized version of the


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