iPad 2 With FaceTime Coming This Fall?

We already know that iOS 4.2 will be released for the iPad in November, bringing many new features to existing devices just in time for the holiday retail season. New evidence has emerged that Apple may be planning something even bigger for this fall or early 2011. Rumors of a smaller iPad model and camera-equipped iPads along with a July BGR report that iOS firmware links FaceTime to email addresses already mean Apple has something up its sleeve.

Apple iPad FaceTime

Now AppleInsider reports that Apple may abandon its one-year product cycle to launch a FaceTime-capable iPad within months. According to the report, Apple needs to move aggressively to get their own FaceTime-equipped mobile devices into the market before making the FaceTime code public for inclusion on other platforms.

iPad iOS 4.2 Update Coming in November

Apple will release iOS 4.2 firmware free of charge to iPad owners in November, adding many new features and improved functionality to the touch screen tablet. The iPad is slated to receive multitasking, folders for grouping apps, and many other features found in iOS 4. The multitasking dock includes brightness controls, music controls, recently used apps and a rotation lock button.

Apple iPad Firmware Update iOS 4.2

Steve Jobs demoed some of the new features at the Apple media event this week. One of the highlights included wireless printing, which allows apps on the iPad to print from anywhere on a Wi-Fi networked printer. TV show rentals and Game Center will also come to the iPad.

Do You Really Need the iPad Firmware iOS 3.2.2 Update?

You may have read some PDF files on your iPad. Well as it turns out, Apple has just released a fix for a pretty serious PDF security hole on the iPad. iOS version 3.2.2 does have one side effect: it makes JailbreakMe 2.0 unusable. The reason for this is that Dev-Team developers used the PDF exploit to make jailbreaking your iPad through the Safari browser possible.

Apple iPad PDF Security Update firmware 3.2.2

Problem is that since Apple released a fix for the bug to protect everyone who opens PDF files through Safari, Comex has released the source code of the exploit to the public. What does this mean? It means that malicious code can easily be crafted to break into iPads running firmware 3.2.1 or earlier.

Apple to Offer Free Engraving on iPads?

Erictric cites a source inside Apple who claims the company will offer free engraving on the backs of iPads before the holiday season later this year. Apple launched engraving for the first time in 2002 with the 10 GB iPod. The service cost an additional $49 until Apple later decided to drop the charge entirely.

Apple iPad Engraving

Apple now offers free engraving on all of its iPods. Your chosen words can be previewed on Apple's website, and engraved iPods cannot be returned. The service fits approximately 30 characters on each of two lines on the back of the iPod. If Apple does offer engraving on the iPad, there should be room for more text.

Hulu Plus Service Coming to Apple iPad

Hulu's long-awaited iPad app and premium subscription service is becoming a reality in the coming months. The service will launch by invitation only for starters, and later will be expanded to the general public and to cover more devices including the Xbox 360 and PS3. The streaming video subscription to Hulu Plus runs $9.99 per month.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

This provides access to thousands of streaming television shows including complete seasons and historic reruns from the 80s and 90s. Users can sign up for the invitation only phase and the Hulu iPad app will be launched in the App Store. There are several shows available free of charge in the Hulu app and reviews so far on video quality are positive.

Apple, AT&T Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over iPad 3G Data Plans

Lawyers have lined up behind iPad owners who feel that Apple and AT&T Wireless unfairly baited them into purchasing an iPad 3G with the promise of unlimited data plans. Since the iPad was launched, AT&T has announced the switch: unlimited data plans were due to be removed as an option on June 7. A class-action lawsuit has been filed in United States District Court representing consumers from several states.

Apple iPad 3G ATT Carrier

Many users are finding that the iPad 3G unlimited data plan is still available, and AT&T has stated that users keeping their unlimited data plan paid every month would be able to keep the plan. A change was also made to the lower-tier plan, with a 250 MB cap reduced to 200 MB for the same price of $15.

Apple Sells Over 26 iPads Every Minute

Nine more countries are scheduled to get the iPad in July, but in the meantime Apple is selling an average of 26 iPads every 60 seconds. This unbelievable clip means the total units sold is three million in only 80 days.

Apple iPhone iPad side view

For comparison, it took two years for Amazon's Kindle to sell that many units. For those who like statistics, Apple has sold three million iPads over 9 times faster than Amazon has sold equal numbers of the Kindle.

iPad Production Problems, Samsung Joins LG

There's still an iPad shortage, and Apple has reportedly hired another manufacturer to help alleviate supply problems. The shortage has to do with iPad touch screens, which are of the 9.7 inch LED IPS variety. There's just not enough of them to go around.

Apple iPad 3G display manufacturing LG Samsung

Apple is experiencing similar problems with its high-resolution iPhone 4 screen and just can't overcome production bottlenecks to meet overwhelming demand. LG Display, a South Korean company, has already shipped close to one million iPad displays in May. This is in addition to over 700k units shipped in April and almost 800k units shipped in February and March.

Adobe to Circumvent Apple's Flash Ban on iPad, iPhone

Adobe and partner Greystripe are putting into works a solution to allow mobile advertisers to bring existing rich media Adobe Flash advertisements to the iPad and iPhone platforms. In a recent press release, Greystripe announced their iFlash units will bring Adobe Flash content to the iPad and iPhone by detecting the devices and converting Flash content to HTML5, on the fly.

Adobe Flash on iPad and iPhone

iPad Now Available in 10 Countries Worldwide

The iPad is available in nine countries outside the US today. After postponed shipping due to short supplies and high US demand, pre-orders have arrived and Apple stores opened early to long lines of iPad buyers. Tokyo's Ginza Apple store had a line of 1,200 people waiting to get their hands on Apple's latest creation.

Apple iPhone iPad side view

Apple sold over one million iPads in the first month of the US-only launch, and analysts expect that the company could sell up to eight million globally by the end of 2010. Almost 60 percent of Apple's revenues already come from sales outside the US.


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