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March Madness Live app updated with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV support and more

March Madness 2016

The official NCAA March Madness Live app this year will be expanded to 12 platforms, including Apple TV, Roku players, Amazon Fire devices, desktop computers and Windows handsets. Pay-TV subscribers will be able to access all the Division I Men’s Basketball games across a variety of sources, such as their iPad or online. Everyone else will be able to live stream select games using the TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV apps.

How do I disable explicit content on the Apple TV 4?

Parents can disable explicit content on Apple Music and Podcasts in the Settings app on their Apple TV 4. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions on your Apple TV
  2. Select Restrictions and create your own four digit passcode. Enter the passcode again to confirm and select OK.
  3. Select Clean for Music and Podcasts from the Allowed Content dropbox.

To allow all content select Explicit. You can also choose to filter movies and television shows from the Restrictions settings.

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How do I pair a Bluetooth device to my Apple TV?

You can now pair Bluetooth-enabled devices such as wireless headphones and third-party MFi controllers with your fourth-generation Apple TV. Here's how:

1. Using your Siri Remote open the Settings app.
2. Select Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth
3. Turn on your Bluetooth device and put it in pairing mode.
4. Click on the name of your device when it appears under Other Devices. This should make your device pair with the Apple TV.

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How do I delete an app on my Apple TV?

The fourth-generation Apple TV runs tvOS just like your iPad or iPhone runs iOS. This means you can now install and delete third-party apps just like you do on any iOS device. You still can't delete stock apps, but you can still hide them like you did on earlier versions of the Apple TV. To hide a stock app just navigate to the Settings app on your Apple TV and check off the ones you do not use.

Here's how to delete an app you installed on your Apple TV 4:

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Tim Cook reveals more about fourth-generation Apple TV

Apple TV 4

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed some additional details about the fourth-generation Apple TV to John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed. The new digital media player from Apple, which begins shipping this month, includes a new universal search option that will allow users to search for content across multiple apps. For example, you will now be able to search for your favorite TV shows by asking your Siri Remote for a specific title or category such as "funny TV shows." Siri will then show you results across all services like iTunes, Netflix, and more.

Is Apple TV better than cable?

Apple TV 4

Now that Apple has revamped its set top box is it time to ditch cable once and for all? The simple answer is no, and it's not because cable is better than Apple TV or vice versa. Most of the television apps on Apple TV, such as ESPN, require a cable or satellite subscription to work. Only a few apps offer free content, and it's normally in the form of clips, not live or full shows.


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