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Smart Case: Apple Now Offers Full iPad Protection

Most iPad fans are familiar with Apple's Smart Cover. Now the company has improved upon its initial offering by adding protection for the iPad back with the Smart Case. This accessory fully covers the entire body of the iPad as well as providing a familiar Smart Cover for the display.

Apple Smart Case iPad 2 iPad 3

Unlike the Smart Cover, Apple's Smart Cases are only offered in polyurethane, with six colors to choose from including black, blue, green, grey, pink, or red. Apple is also offering free laser engraving for the back of the Smart Cover, to personalize the accessory. This is a great alternative for those who were reluctant to laser engrave the aluminum back of the iPad.

Apple Reveals New iPad 2 Smart Cover Colors

The latest Smart Cover changes from Apple may pale in comparison to news on the iPad 3, however those looking to buy the accessory might be interested. When it comes to the iPad 2 Smart Cover, Apple just introduced the first design revisions since its launch earlier in the year. The exterior of the polyurethane models feature a new dark gray offering.

iPad 2 Smart Cover colors

Apple has also taken the bright orange Smart Cover off the market. In addition to these exterior changes, the microfiber interior of the Smart Cover has been made to match the color of the outside. On all previous versions the interior was gray. Apple also explains that polyurethane colors have all been improved so they look more vibrant.

Samsung: iPad Smart Cover Ripoffs Not Approved

If the cases in this photo look familiar, then you probably own an Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2. Even if you don't have one of your own, the Anymode Smart Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a clear ripoff of the Smart Cover. Even the colors and name are strikingly similar.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smart Case

Samsung was prompted to pull the product after it came to light, citing a lack of "Designed for Samsung Mobile" certification. According to Samsung, Anymode did not have permission to use the mark on the Smart Case and none of the units were sold.

Modified iPad Works With iPad 2 Smart Cover

Well now we know the iPad 2 Smart Cover can attach tablet computers to the refrigerator. Definitely a reason to upgrade from the original iPad to a new model, right? Not so fast. That Smart Cover works just fine on the original iPad, if you get crafty.

Original iPad 1 with smart cover magnets

Dan Provost took the initiative and glued four rare earth magnets to the spine of his iPad 1. Although the original iPad won't turn on or off automatically with the Smart Cover, the cover can be used as a stand just like with the iPad 2. As long as the magnets are placed properly, the Smart Cover attaches to the original iPad perfectly.

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