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Future iPads Could Support 3D Gestures

Apple has its sights set on three-dimensional gestures if a recent patent filing detailed by AppleInsider is any indication. The write up describes 3D additions to the commonly used swipe and pinch, including push, pull, twist and sculpt. Ultimately to work, a future iPad would require additional sensors to detect the proximity of user input to the display.

Apple iPad patent 3D gesture

Lifting one's fingers off the screen would result in iOS or a compatible third-party app generating or manipulating a 3D object. Shapes or clay objects could be rendered on the display in real time, taking advantage of the iPad Retina display. Titled "Working with 3D Objects," the patent points to several potential uses that could make iOS devices more useful for a variety of applications.

Next Generation iPad to Feature Wireless Charging?

The iPad 5 could feature a brand new accessory if a recent patent filing from Apple comes to fruition. The company has designed an inductive charging Smart Cover that would wirelessly transfer power to and from a future iPad. The Smart Cover itself would operate much like today's models.

iPad 5 wireless charging Smart Cover

The difference is that the charging Smart Cover would contain its own battery and the components needed for inductive charging. The iPad itself would also feature wireless charging hardware, which would operate when the cover is closed or used as a stand.

Will Apple Rename the iPad in China?

Collectors of all things Apple could have a new product to seek out soon, if a recent court decision in China sticks. Apple has lost its bid to prove itself the owner of the iPad trademark in China, after a decision favoring local company Proview Company. Proview registered the iPad name in the EU, several countries and China in the year 2000.

iPad trademark battle China

The company sold its international rights to the iPad name for $55k in 2006 to a company named IP Application Development (IPAD). IPAD turned out to be Apple, and Apple has claimed the deal included rights to the Chinese trademark as well. Since then, Proview has sued Apple to the tune of $1.6 billion for using the iPad trademark in China.

iPad 3 Could Feature Dual OLED Backlights

Apple is looking to improve display technology on its next generation iPad, and we're not just talking about a Retina display resolution. A patent filed by Apple in the first half of 2010 reveals designs for dual OLED backlights, as reported by Patently Apple. The diagram below shows a cross section of the OLED backlight layers.

iPad 3 dual OLED display backlight patent

Part of what makes this technology so impressive is its simplicity. Current LCD displays have multiple layers requiring more thickness, and as has been seen in the past on the iPad and iPhone, they can be prone to manufacturing problems. Light leaks and yellow discoloration have been reported on some defective units.

Will the iPad 3 Feature 3D Gesture Controls?

Apple patents seem to be filed on a constant basis, and determining which concepts will make their way into next generation products is almost impossible. We know an iPad 3 is due for release in March 2012, but we also know that several patents relating to 3D user interfaces on mobile devices have been filed in the past two years.

Minority Report 3D gesture interface

PC Magazine reports that Apple may deploy an iPad gesture control that would operate using the front camera of the tablet. This would make it possible to operate the iPad from across the room, or by simply gesturing in space to control options on the screen.

Samsung Forced to Delay Galaxy Tab Sales in Australia

Samsung has agreed to halt sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 due to its intellectual property battle with Apple. The Korean manufacturer announced on Monday, that it would refrain from advertising or selling the tablet in Australia until September 30.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple lawyers told the court that Samsung's modified tab still infringed its patents. Apple said the new version, which was supposed to launch in Australia on September 12, did feature some reduced functionality, but it still copied the iPad's design. Samsung called shenanigans, saying Apple has presented no new evidence on how the modified Galaxy Tab still infringes.

Samsung: iPad Smart Cover Ripoffs Not Approved

If the cases in this photo look familiar, then you probably own an Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2. Even if you don't have one of your own, the Anymode Smart Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a clear ripoff of the Smart Cover. Even the colors and name are strikingly similar.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smart Case

Samsung was prompted to pull the product after it came to light, citing a lack of "Designed for Samsung Mobile" certification. According to Samsung, Anymode did not have permission to use the mark on the Smart Case and none of the units were sold.

Patent Reveals Apple Adding Spaces to iPad

Patently Apple has discovered a big change Apple is planning for the iPad operating system. Current Apple desktops have a feature called Spaces, which allows users to have multiple virtual desktops on one screen. Moving between screens quickly requires keystrokes and running programs can be organized on each screen for better productivity.

Spaces patent iPad iOS

Apple is working on a version of Spaces for the iPad, with a touch interface that would allow for moving between screens. This would increase the screen area on the iPad and make it easy to organize running apps. Windows can be moved from one virtual screen to another by dragging them to the edge of the screen.

Apple Designs Smart Bezel for Future iPads

Apple designs revealed by Patently Apple point to a future iPad bezel sensitive to touch. This smart bezel would replace the physical home button and add a variety of controls to the area surrounding the display.

Apple iPad patent smart bezel no home button

Inside the smart bezel would be pressure, touch and other sensors along with status lights that would respond to multi-touch gestures. Replacing the home button currently found on iPad bezels would be just one of many possible uses for the new hardware.

Recent Apple Patents Hint at Future iPad Designs

We may not see all of these Apple patents implemented on the iPad 2, but they are interesting nonetheless. Several patents filed by Apple engineers have surfaced in recent days. One modification to the back of the iPad could put some accessory manufacturers out of business.

Built-in Apple iPad stand patent

The diagrams show a built-in stand on the back of the tablet computer that would fold out to provide a comfortable tabletop viewing angle. A dual hinge would allow the iPad to rest on the kickstand in either landscape or portrait position.


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