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Apple Patent Shows Smart Cover that Relays Notifications

A new patent application filed by Apple today describes an "Integrated Visual Notification System for an Accessory Device." In other words, an iPad case that will transmit visual notifications might be in the works.

Apple files patent application for smart Smart Cover

The text of the application basically describes several possible methods of having an iPad case light up to notify the user of new messages, emails, battery warnings, game notifications, calendar events and so on. The device depicted looks the same as a Smart Cover, having a magnetic three panel front flap that both protects the screen and serves as a stand when opened and folded over. The contents of those three panels are what sets the proposed cover apart.

NoteBookCase Transforms Your iPad Into a MacBook Air

The Japanese retailer Rakuten is offering a nifty iPad case that basically transforms your tablet into a MacBook Air. The NoteBookCase for the iPad 2 features a built-in Lithium-polymer battery, USB port, mini USB port, and Bluetooth for the keyboard.

iPad Accessories

The USB ports allow you to charge the case while charging your iPad, or any other USB powered device. The iPad case should also be compatible with the new iPad since it's not much thicker than the iPad 2. The NoteBookCase is currently only available through Rakuten's Japanese website, but it could make its way to their U.S. based website

Bernie Madoff's Wardrobe Turned Into Expensive iPad Covers

And I thought the iPad Head Girl was going to be the dumbest thing I wrote about this month.

Entrepreneur John Vaccaro has turned Bernie Madoff's wardrobe into "fashionable" iPad covers. Not the kind of covers that protects your iPad from damage, but the kind an insane person would buy to brag about. Two covers, one created from some Ralph Lauren Polo pants, and one fashioned from Madoff's off-white khakis, are currently available on the Frederick James' website for $350.

Bernie Madoff

Review: Apple iPad Case (Official)

First of all, I generally dislike cases for my devices. I understand their utility, but I hate the way they often destroy the form factor. My Droid doesn't have a case and neither does my iPod touch. I thought about it several times and took a close look at what was available, but I never could bring myself to do it. They make the devices clunkier and thicker than they should be. Also, not having a case makes me feel like a tough guy who lives dangerously and plays by his own rules.

apple ipad case review

Apple clearly spends a lot of time making sure their form factor is designed in an appealing manner. The iPad is no exception. I love the way it looks, and its dimensions are perfect. I picked up what has been a surprisingly elusive Apple case on release day. I was against it but knew that I planned to travel with my iPad, so I took the plunge. I figured I'd only use it while transporting the iPad. I would then remove the evil thing when I arrived at my destination.

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