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Will Apple Rename the iPad in China?

Collectors of all things Apple could have a new product to seek out soon, if a recent court decision in China sticks. Apple has lost its bid to prove itself the owner of the iPad trademark in China, after a decision favoring local company Proview Company. Proview registered the iPad name in the EU, several countries and China in the year 2000.

iPad trademark battle China

The company sold its international rights to the iPad name for $55k in 2006 to a company named IP Application Development (IPAD). IPAD turned out to be Apple, and Apple has claimed the deal included rights to the Chinese trademark as well. Since then, Proview has sued Apple to the tune of $1.6 billion for using the iPad trademark in China.

iPad Zip Line Doesn't Beat the Marijuana Catapult

Launching $46,000 worth of iPads from a catapult wasn't an option, so a group of Chinese smugglers came up with a better idea to smuggle Apple devices into China.

Chinese iPad smuggler

Chinese authorities caught six smugglers trying to avoid taxes by transporting iPads illegally across province borders using a zip line. The Apple cargo (including iPhones) was shipped using a nylon bag and a 300-metre line stretched across the Sha Tau Kok River. Hong Kong and Chinese custom officials said it took about 2-minutes to send the goods down the line.

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