Review: Mivizu Primo Leather Case for iPad

The Mivizu Primo Leather folio case for iPad has a compact, stylish design that protects the tablet without a whole lot of extra bulk. The first thing we noticed after opening the Primo Leather was soft, textured black leather and high-contrast white stitching. The front panel of this case is firm to protect the screen, but still flexible.

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The folio opens much like a leather-bound book, with a strong magnetic clasp. This clasp provides security while remaining easy to open and close. Thanks to the slim profile of the Primo Leather there's not much inside the case besides a slot for the iPad itself.

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The inside front cover of Mivizu's case has one, flat pocket that could be useful for carrying small documents or a folded sheet of paper. The interior of the case fits the iPad perfectly, with cutouts for all ports, sensors and even the SIM card slot. The iPad slides in from the top of the Primo Leather and is secured on all sides when installed.

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Two matching black snaps keep the iPad in place. One key advantage to the design of this case is its size. The front and back are just slightly larger than the iPad itself, which keeps it portable and compact. The trade-off for this, however is that the corners of the iPad are exposed. Drop protection still exists since the iPad is recessed inside the Primo Leather.

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Mivizu's case looks professional. It's a clean design that adds portability and protection to the iPad, just don't expect to bring it out in the rain or carry your charger and cables inside. The Primo Leather does add some weight but it also provides an easier-to-hold profile when the iPad is being used. The front panel can be folded around the back of the iPad or held open like a book.

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The detailed stitching on this case makes for an attractive look. There are no hinges or zippers to wear down over time. Mivizu claims the leather is resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions, UV radiation, stress cracks, and stains. Even so, those who have owned a leather case before know that this material requires a little extra care to keep it nice in the long run.

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One great added feature of the Primo Leather is a built-in kickstand for tabletop viewing. The bracket keeps folded to the back of the case with two snaps when in transit. To use the bracket just unsnap and rest the iPad at an angle.

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The built-in stand worked best in portrait orientation, although there's no place to put the front cover. The cover ends up providing an easel-like pocket to the left of the iPad where you can place papers. In landscape orientation the front cover hangs behind the iPad out of the way, but positioning the stand was tricky on a slippery table. It seems like although this can be made to work, the stand was really designed for portrait orientation.

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Typing is possible when the stand is deployed, but the angle is much better suited to viewing. Although the bracket folds out of the way, placing the back of the case directly on a flat surface isn't stable due to the bracket protruding in the middle. Those wanting to type on a table can solve this problem by folding the front cover over the back before placing the Primo Leather down.

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The attention to detail and precise cutouts on the Mivizu case reflect high build quality. One thing that surprised us was the alignment of three circular holes designed to allow sound to come out of the speaker. They didn't quite line up to the grille, which slightly muffled the sound. We expect this is a minor point as anyone looking for high-quality sound out of the iPad won't use the built-in speaker anyway.

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Overall the Mivizu Primo Leather case is a compact, professional looking case that feels good in your hand. The built-in stand is a nice touch, although it works best in portrait orientation and sticks out on the back when folded up. Snaps keep the iPad secure inside the case and provide for easy removal.

Those looking to protect their iPads when in transport and during use will find that the Primo Leather accomplishes this in style without extra bulk. The Primo Leather is available now and comes in multiple colors for $69.00. Get more information about this case directly from Mivizu.

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