Review: M-Edge Journey Bag for Apple iPad

The M-Edge Journey Bag is a portable, stylish messenger bag specifically designed to transport and protect a bare iPad along with accessories. When closed, the bag is compact and sleek. An external flap covers zippers and connects with a hidden plastic latch in the center of the bag.

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Plastic latches also connect the adjustable strap to the bag. The strap is removable, although there are no handles attached to the bag for carrying without the strap. Opening the flap requires lifting the flap and reaching under to unclip the latch. This looks sleek but the process is slightly more difficult than if the latch was located on top.

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The Journey Bag is made of ripstop nylon and has a polar fleece interior to protect the iPad. A special zippered pocket inside the bag fits the iPad perfectly. The walls of the Journey Bag are not rigid, however they are somewhat stiff, allowing the bag to keep its shape at all times. This feature also means that the bag doesn't really expand to fit more stuff.

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Zippers have M-Edge logo pulls, and the latches or clips are plastic but sturdy and simple to connect. The strap allows a wide range of adjustments. A rear zipper pocket in the back looks like a good idea at first, but it's about half the height of the Journey Bag and really can't fit anything but a few sheets of (folded) paper or maybe a pair of earbuds.

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Stitching on the bag appears to be high in quality, and the fabric on the exterior of the Journey Bag has a subtle grid pattern relief. The M-Edge logo itself is also subtle and won't cause alarm for anyone who doesn't want to be a walking advertisement. The bag, due to its small size, is also very light.

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Looking inside, polar fleece lines the whole interior. With the iPad zippered pocket on one side and a larger pocket in the middle, the Journey Bag also features two netted pockets to hold accessories. Again, these look like a great idea but fall short. Aside from their small size, some items like headphone plugs can get stuck in the mesh. The iPad pocket itself is reinforced to help protect the screen from anything else you might carry in the middle of the bag.

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Believe it or not, holding the Journey Bag wide open to remove the iPad would sometimes accidentally turn the device on. The small size and rigidity of this bag actually pressed the sleep button. Of course this isn't a deal breaker. The form fitting means the Journey Bag works great if you only want to transport the iPad and a few small items in a light, compact package. If you're looking to carry more stuff then you're going to need a bigger boat a larger or more flexible bag might work better.

The Journey Bag comes in three colors: navy blue with grey trim, red with black trim, and black on black (pictured above). Although the build quality seems excellent, pricing comes in on the slightly higher side at $64.99.

Rating: 3.0 (out of 5)

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