Review: Hard Candy Squish Skin iPad Case

The aptly-named Squish Skin iPad case from Hard Candy Cases is molded from silicone rubber and features air-filled chambers surrounding the edges and back of the iPad. You can see the structure of this flexible, soft case before it's placed on the iPad.

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The head designer at Hard Candy says Squish Skin was modeled after a Wii remote case, which makes sense. The silicone ribbing on the interior of the case gives this product a similar feel, very grippy and jelly-like with plenty of cushioning around the edges.

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Putting the Squish Skin on the iPad is easy since it's so flexible, just stretch the case around each corner until properly seated. Take care when installing or removing the case. I noticed after removing the case many times that tiny rips started to appear in two of the corners. These are not visible when the Squish Skin is installed but I wouldn't want to damage the front.

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The case features cut outs for all of the ports and buttons. In this photo you can clearly see how much air-filled protection the case provides around the edges of the iPad. The seam in the silicone is noticeable but doesn't take away from the overall design.

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When the Squish Skin is installed it really makes the iPad much easier to hold. The case has a snug fit around the device and with all the cushioning it almost feels like you could bounce the iPad on a table (although I don't recommend it). The grippy, rounded sides of the case provide a larger, more comfortable surface to grasp.

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The design looks and feels organic, and the Squish Skin is pleasant to hold for long periods of time. The cut outs are all in precisely the correct place to keep the iPad fully functional. If you like taking risks by allowing young children to play with your iPad (again not recommended), then take my advice, they will love this case.

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The back is also well protected, even though the back is not as thick as the sides. Squish Skin is slightly translucent, so you can see my Gelaskin pattern through the case in this photo. Obviously the Squish Skin is not intended to fit inside another case or be used with a dock, although it fits snugly inside some of Hard Candy's other iPad cases (e.g. Bubble Sleeve). Squish Skin is geared more towards everyday use as opposed to protecting the iPad in transport.

One advantage and drawback of this soft silicone material is its tackiness. This case is easy to carry and hold thanks to the material, however it also picks up lint, animal hair, dust and dirt quickly if not handled carefully. To clean the Squish Skin all that's needed is a damp paper towel. One good thing when it comes to dirt is that the matte finish of the case doesn't show fingerprints.

Overall, the Hard Candy Cases Squish Skin protects the iPad with a unique organic style. The case is simple to install and remove, and makes the iPad much easier to hold. Squish Skin feels strangely appealing, but if you're not a fan of silicone cases then it won't sway you. Watch out for the lint and dirt attraction. Also, pricing at $39.95 feels a little steep for this product.

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

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