Review: Apple iPad Case (Official)

First of all, I generally dislike cases for my devices. I understand their utility, but I hate the way they often destroy the form factor. My Droid doesn't have a case and neither does my iPod touch. I thought about it several times and took a close look at what was available, but I never could bring myself to do it. They make the devices clunkier and thicker than they should be. Also, not having a case makes me feel like a tough guy who lives dangerously and plays by his own rules.

apple ipad case review

Apple clearly spends a lot of time making sure their form factor is designed in an appealing manner. The iPad is no exception. I love the way it looks, and its dimensions are perfect. I picked up what has been a surprisingly elusive Apple case on release day. I was against it but knew that I planned to travel with my iPad, so I took the plunge. I figured I'd only use it while transporting the iPad. I would then remove the evil thing when I arrived at my destination.

apple ipad case review

As I mentioned, the iPad form factor is great. The reality I quickly discovered is that it is not that nice to hold and use in its "naked" form. The edges are sort of sharp and harsh. Sometimes, it also feels like it is going to slide out of your hands. These issues make the use of a case a necessity for some.

Form Factor

The case is made of some sort of rubberized material, and it feels relatively sturdy but is thin and light at the same time. The inside of it is made of microfiber. You know, that stuff that feels like fake suede/velvet that a lot of couches are made of.

It is basically a big rectangle that envelops the iPad. There are holes for all your ports. Your volume rocker, accelerometer lock and power switch are also exposed. It is flat on the front, and the back has a small pocket bumping out of it. More on that later.

It is black and no other colors are available.

The iPad slides in relatively easily. Once you push it into its main compartment, a little lip needs to be slid in under the iPad to secure it. Once the iPad is in, it will take some effort to get it out. It isn't really a headache, but it does require some effort.

apple ipad case review

It is a good thing the case only comes in black because it does pickup stains. Mine has some, and I have no idea how they got there.


The case does not hinder use at all. In fact, it makes holding and using the iPad easier. It actual will increase usability for many people.

The front flap can be fit into a slot on the back. This creates a triangle-like back on the iPad with its base on the left side. It can be used in three ways.

You can prop it up on the triangle base. This way the iPad "stands up" in landscape mode. This is a nice feature for some sorts of reading. For example, my buddy is a low-quality and low-skill guitar player. (I hope he doesn't read this.) He likes to pull up tablature on his iPad while playing. The stand is great for that.

You can lay it down, creating a slope. In landscape mode, the bottom of the slope can be where your keyboard pops up. This makes typing easier and more comfortable.

apple ipad case review

You can stand it up on its "spine" in portrait mode. This allows you to turn your iPad into an ultra-cool and way-overpriced digital picture frame. Setup several of them around your bachelor pad so you can impress random women when you get them back to your place. They might think of you as a Tony Stark/Iron Man swinging-bachelor-type of guy. I can imagine George Clooney's place adorned with these things

From a protection standpoint, I am not especially confident that it would save your iPad in a hard fall. However, it might on lesser falls. It certainly makes the likelihood of the iPad falling out of your hands much more remote. The case allows you to get a really nice and comfort-inspiring grip on it. The case just makes general usability easier.

Coolness Factor

You won't feel like a geek carrying this thing around. It is sleek, black and very unassuming. You can take one of those two Apple stickers that came with your iPad and put it on the back of it like I did. Or you can put your team Edward sticker on the back like my poor-quality, guitar-playing buddy did. He likes a good romantic teen vampire movie and wants people to know that he is pro Edward.

apple ipad case review


  • Sleek and light
  • Actually makes using the iPad better with it than without it
  • An actual stand that you can use


  • Doesn't offer a great deal of protection
  • Some might not like the lack of color choice


The case is $39.99, so it isn't cheap. However, I believe the vast majority of users will enjoy using the iPad more with this case than without it. If you want a non-obtrusive and sleek case, it is just great, and I highly recommend it. I never feel the need to remove mine. However, if you want more protection for your iPad and don't mind some extra bulk, then look elsewhere.

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

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