Review: Acme Made Slick Case for iPad

Acme Made offers the Slick Case for iPad, designed for complete protection when transporting or using your Apple tablet. The case comes in matte black or gloss white for $39.99. Here we take a closer look at the white version, which does indeed have a sharp-looking glossy finish. Dual zippers wrap around three sides of the case for easy access.

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The zippers themselves are compact, but have plastic covers that make them easy to pull. The packaging describes Acme Made's exclusive StretchShell neoprene which gives the exterior of the Slick Case liquid and stain resistant qualities. All it took was a damp cloth or paper towel for dirt and water droplets to wipe off and the white, glossy StretchShell looked like new.

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Of course you wouldn't go out in a monsoon or submerge the Slick Case in water, as the sides are fabric and last time we checked zippers aren't waterproof. Fingerprints are a problem on the glossy surface, but they can only be seen when in bright light. Otherwise white hides them well. One drawback of the StretchShell neoprene is that it will temporarily take on impressions of objects. For example, resting the Slick Case on a spiral-bound notebook may leave indentations where the wire presses into the neoprene. These mostly spring back and disappear over time.

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While the SretchShell is soft and flexible, an inner layer of rigid material provides protection. The interior of the Slick Case is padded all around and covered entirely in scratch-proof black material. Four elastic bands are designed to hold the iPad on the left and a flat internal divider on the right is suspended by three more elastic bands. The divider provides space for cables and small accessories while protecting the iPad screen.

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Installing or removing the iPad is simple. The elastic bands hold the iPad in place securely, even when holding up the Slick Case like a book. The Slick Case isn't designed to operate as a typing or photo stand, but you can fold the right side entirely behind the iPad with no problem.

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The iPad can be charged inside the case, and sound from the speaker is not blocked by the elastic band in the corner. Pressing the sleep/wake button through the band is no problem, but getting to the mute/rotation lock switch on the right side requires sliding the elastic off the iPad corner temporarily.

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The internal divider floats in the middle, and cables or folded papers can be slid into the space from the right side. We were hopeful that the iPad charger would fit in the Slick Case, but this didn't really work. You can put the charger in there and zip the case closed, but it ain't pretty. The back of the case bulges out awkwardly and puts pressure on the iPad. That being said, when closed and not overfilled, the Slick Case has a thin profile considering how much padding it has.

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Overall, if it's iPad protection you're looking for then the Slick Case fits the bill. We like the water-resistant StretchShell neoprene exterior and cable storage is a plus. Don't expect to carry much else inside the case, though.

Your device will stay scratch-free inside the lined interior, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you need a stand. The iPad easily slips in and out of the Slick Case when you want it to. Using the iPad inside the case keeps it protected and makes for a nice lap rest. Get more information on the Slick Case directly from Acme Made.

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