Apple launches more Apple Pencil and iPad ads

Apple on Monday released several 12- to 17-second spots on its UK YouTube channel. The videos highlight the abilities of the Apple Pencil on the new 9.7-inch iPad. The new iPad is the first non-Pro model to feature Apple Pencil support, and Apple has been promoting both the stylus and iPad in a series of video ads around the world, starting with Turkey.

Each UK video is set to the song "Masterpiece" by NONONO, and features a different Apple Pencil ability such as image markup, drawing and writing.

The first video, posted above, illustrates how iPad owners can write, draw, and edit notes with Notability.

The second video highlights the sketching app Tayasui Sketches Pro. In the ad an artist uses the calligraphy brush tool on the Apple Pencil.

Then final two ads show how the Apple Pencil can work with Keynote and Markup.

Apple launched the sixth-generation iPad at an education-focused event in March. Since its release, the company has been pushing the new tablet's Apple Pencil capabilities. As mentioned above, the iPad 6 is the not only the first non-iPad Pro model to feature Apple Pencil support, but it's the only feature that separates it from its predecessor. The new model is also powered by an A10 Fusion processor.

The 9.7-inch iPad is available starting at $329. To keep cost down the new tablet ships with older technology such as an 8MP camera and Touch ID.

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