Facebook introduces new Snooze button

Facebook Snooze

The best feature on Facebook is the "Unfollow" option. It allows users to avoid messy situations by unfollowing a person's posts without having to unfriend them. This is great if you don't mind never hearing from that person on Facebook ever again, but it is not a great solution for when you want to temporarily ignore someone. Today Facebook introduced a new Snooze option that allows you to remove a person, group or page from your news feed for a limited time.

Snooze allows you to mute someone for 30-days. It does not notify a user when you snooze them, and you can disable it at any time. The Snooze feature will also notify you when your period of silence is about the end.

This is a much better solution for temporarily removing annoying political posts, drunk rants or overuse of cat or baby videos on Facebook.

Facebook a few years ago introduced Hide and Report options to help users better manage their news feeds. Hide allows users to remove posts they don't want to see, but it is more of a single post solution, and not an effective way in silencing multiple posts in your news feed.

Facebook plans to roll out Snooze to users over the next week.

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