Vudu comes to Apple TV


Walmart's digital streaming service Vudu is now available on the Apple TV. Vudu supports Ultraviolet -- a service that allows users to download a free digital copies of participating movies on Blu-ray or DVD. Vudu members can also rent or purchase digital copies of hit movies and television shows, or watch some titles for free with commercials. Vudu is free to join and it is supported by most streaming and mobile devices, such as the PlayStation 4.

You must sign-up for a free Vudu account through to start downloading and storing your digital movie collection. To get started, just follow the digital download instructions found in most Blu-ray and DVD cases. You are normally given a web address to enter your digital download code, and will be asked to select your preferred digital download provider. Once the code is entered your movie will be availble in your Vudu library making it accessible on any supported device.

You can also purchase some digital copies of movies that do not include an Ultraviolet option. To do this you must first install Vudu software on your Mac or PC. You can then place any Blu-ray or DVD in your disc drive to see if that film has a disc-to-digital option. If your movie does support disc-to-digital, you will then be given the option to purchase it, normally at a discounted price.

Vudu is now availble for free on the Apple TV App Store. There is also a mobile version for the iPad and iPhone available to download on the iOS App Store. All movies downloaded to your account will be available on any device that supports Vudu. This means you can begin watching a film at home on your TV and finish it later on your iPad or iPhone.

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