How to send 4th of July fireworks in the Messages app

Fireworks iPad

Unlike the phrase "Happy New Year," which automatically triggers the Fireworks screen effect on iOS devices, texting "Happy Fourth of July" (or "4th of July") does nothing. You will have to manually select the Fireworks option if you want to send your friends and family an explosive text message on the fourth. Here's how to send the Fireworks screen effect on your iOS device:

  1. Open your Messages app and select the person or group you want to message.
  2. Type your message in iMessage box as you normally would.
  3. Hold down the blue arrow in the iMessage box.
  4. Select the Screen option on the "Send with effect" screen."
  5. Swipe until you see the Send with Fireworks option.
  6. Tap the blue arrow to send your message with the Fireworks screen effect attached.

There are several other screen effects available, such as Balloons, Confetti and so on. You can also send Bubble effects such as Slam, Gentle or Invisible Ink.

Apple recently introduced two new effects, Echo and Spotlight, in the first iOS 11 public beta. They should be available in September, but you can get them now by joining Apple's beta program.

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