New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: SEGA Forever and more

SEGA has begun releasing classic Genesis and Dreamcast titles to the App Store under its new SEGA Forever banner. The initial launch includes three titles that have already been ported to iOS in the past. All the games are free-to-play with the option to remove ads for $1.99. So far the user reviews have been mixed while Touch Arcade says the launch has been a total disaster.

The first SEGA Forever titles include:

You can check out the SEGA Forever trailer above and visit the official website for more information.

Our sister site's App of the Week is highly recommended for fans of the survival genre and crafting games. Last Day on Earth is like Naked and Afraid meets Don't Starve with zombies. The goal of the game is to survive while building yourself a a home from the ground up. You can craft weapons, tools and furniture to aid in your survival and defend from other player's raids and zombie attacks. The game is free on the App Store.

Prison Architect is a new simulation game released for the iPad this week. In the game you build your own prison and deal with day-to-day activities while managing your budget and crisis such as riots. Prison Architect is also available for free on the App Store with the option to purchase additional chapters.

Here are the rest of this week's noteworthy App Store releases:

  • Panthera Frontier ($4.99) Adventure into space with your starship and crew. Discover amazing new alien species to recruit and train, and find powerful weapons to install on your craft. Uncover unique new ships to pilot and command, engaging in tactical combat where you are the commander of your forces! The vast fantasy universe of Panthera Frontier awaits, commander.
  • Age of Rivals ($0.99) Inspired by strategy board games and designed to be ideal for 1 or 2 players to play in 10 minutes with plenty of depth and replay value.
  • Astro Chimp (Free) Action-packed 3D side-scroller; an addictive adventure game guaranteed to release your inner monkey.
  • Dash Legends (Free) A real-time multiplayer runner that fits right in your pocket. Select your favorite runners and arm them with discovered artifacts and fast pets.

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