ProBack Cover offers a better way to store and charge the Apple Pencil

The ProBack is a new iPad Pro accessory that makes charging your Apple Pencil easier than using the Lightning connector, especially when you're on the go. The top of the case includes a convenient port to hold and charge your stylus, instead of having it protrude from the bottom of your tablet. As you can see in the video posted above, you can easily slide the Apple Pencil into the side of the designated slot and it will charge as normal. The case also includes a magnetic holder for the cap.

The creator of the case said he decided to make the ProBack after discovering there was no safe way to store the Apple Pencil. The case not only provides an easy storage solution, but it also protects your iPad from damage. The case is made from "high-grade silicone," and it promises to amplify your speakers plus it supports Apple's Smart Keyboard.

You can support the ProBack Cover for the iPad Pro on Kickstarter until May 19. The the campaign has currently raised $11,476 of its $25,000 goal from 22 backers. The ProBack will begin shipping in June 2017 if it is fully funded.

You can pre-order and help fund the ProBack starting at $39 through Kickstarter.

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