How to enable Single Sign-On for your iPad

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Apple introduced Single Sign-On for iOS devices and Apple TV back in 2016, but the service was only supported by a handful of local cable and satellite providers at launch. But that list has grown to 14 since launch so it seemed like a good time to publish a refresher on how to enable the feature on your iOS device.

Single Sign-On allows iOS and Apple TV owners to log-in to all participating apps that require cable and satellite TV provider credentials to access content, such as Bravo Now and Comedy Central. This puts an end to having to sign-in to individual apps over and over using your cable or satellite password, or having to sign-in individually on all your different Apple devices.

There's still a lot of apps who need to be updated with Single Sign-On support, and most of the major cable companies still do not support the service. However, it safe to assume more and more apps will and television providers will offer support in the future. You can see a list of supported supported providers here.

How to enable Single Sign-On (iPod touch, iPad, iPhone)

  1. Open the Settings app on any supported iOS device.
  2. Navigate to TV Provider.
  3. Select your provider from the list.
  4. Enter your username and password.

You will need to individually authorize apps to access your Single Sign-On settings like you do with other services, such as apps that ask for location data. You can also locate supported apps for your service by tapping the Find More Apps in the TV Provider settings.

To sign out of Single Sing-On just tap the red Sign Out option in the TV Provider settings.

Here's a list of supported apps:

A&E (iOS only)
ABC (iOS and tvOS)
Animal Planet GO (iOS and tvOS)
Bravo Now (tvOS only)
CNNgo (tvOS only)
Comedy Central (iOS and tvOS)
DIRECTV (iOS only)
Discovery GO (iOS and tvOS)
Disney Channel (iOS and tvOS)
Disney Junior (iOS and tvOS)
Disney XD (iOS and tvOS)
E! Now (tvOS only)
ESPN (iOS and tvOS)
Freeform (iOS only)
Hallmark Channel Everywhere (iOS and tvOS)
HBO GO (iOS and tvOS)
History (iOS only)
Investigation Discovery GO (iOS and tvOS)
Lifetime (iOS only)
NBC (tvOS only)
NCAA March Madness (iOS & tvOS)
Science Channel GO (iOS and tvOS)
Syfy Now (tvOS only)
Telemundo Now (tvOS only)
TLC GO (iOS and tvOS)
USA NOW (tvOS only)
Watch Cooking Channel (iOS and tvOS)
Watch DIY (iOS and tvOS)
WatchESPN (iOS only)
Watch Food Network (iOS and tvOS)
Watch HGTV (iOS and tvOS)
Watch Travel Channel (iOS and tvOS)


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