New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Pokémon Duel and more

Pokémon Duel iOS

Pokémon Duel finally came to the US App Store this week after launching in Japan a few months ago. The new title by The Pokémon Company is a strategy board game where players can compete in real time battles with other Pokémon trainers across the world. The one-on-one battles are easy to master, but the rest of the game can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to learn in this game, and it features really long tutorials and load times. The App Store user reviews are mixed with complaints about the game being "broken" or slow, and some are not happy with the games "useless" IAPs.

Pokémon Duel is available on the Apple App Store for free.

Apple this week released the first iOS 10.3 beta. The upcoming update introduces a new rating system to the App Store. Users will be able to add ratings without leaving an app, and developers will be able to respond directly to user comments. The new API will also reduce the amount of times a developer can ask a user to rate their app. You can learn more about the new rating system here.

WWE: Champions launched this week. It is a puzzle RPG where players can create their own team of WWE superstars to battle their way through legends, such as The Rock, Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage and more. The game utilizes a match-3 battle system, and if features RPG elements where users can earn XP to improve their roster.

WWE: Champions is available on the App Store for free.

Here are some other noteworthy titles released to the App Store this week:

  • Potion Explosion ($4.99) The official adaptation of the award-winning puzzle board game.
  • Splitter Critters ($2.99) Split the world with a swipe of your finger and then rearrange it to guide critters back to their spaceship.
  • Dungeon Defense: The Invasion of Heroes ($1.99) Defeat all invaders to defend your dungeon. Collect more weapons and monsters to make them stronger.
  • Realm Grinder (Free) Grow your kingdom, build alliances, and explore one of the deepest idle RPG's ever.
  • Alien Path (Free) Combines RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy for an out-of-this-world gaming experience. Players must eliminate enemies by cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy the invading robots.

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