New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Fire Emblem: Heroes and more

Kingdom Rush 4

It was kind of a slow week for the Apple App Store, especially after last week which was filled with both successful and failed reboots, big sequels and a new Star Wars title. Here are some of this week's major announcements you may have missed, and few new interesting looking App Store releases.

Ironhide Game Studio teased a new Kingdom Rush title on its blog and social media. Ironhide didn't release any major details about the fourth game in the series, but they did deliver this small hint:

"One thing is for sure, the bad guys shall have their revenge....muahaha."

Ironhide said more details about Kingdom Rush 4 will be released in the "upcoming months."

Another game announced this week was a new puzzle title called, Splitter Critters. The goal of the game is rearrange reality to safely get your critters home. It's a really interesting concept that you have to see to understand. Here is a gameplay video that was released to YouTube by RAC7 Games.

And of course the biggest announcement this week once again came from Nintendo. The video game maker announced its second mobile game will be Fire Emblem: Heroes. You can see the full 19-minute announcement video below. Fire Emblem: Heroes will be released for both iOS and Android on February 2.

Here are this week's most interesting games released to the App Store:

  • ChocoRun2 ($1.99) The sequel to ChocoRun takes Choco back to his own candy world after his previous adventure, but he hasn’t returned alone, a new wave of enemies has come along to fill his world with perils he will have to overcome to face their leader and achieve his much deserved peaceful rest.
  • Red's Kingdom ($4.99) Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stolen your golden nut! Solve puzzles and battle goons as you explore and battle your way through the kingdom.
  • DraqwCardLife (Free) A strategic survival card game --- Use your talents to survive - by selling your drawn cards and draw more SSR.
  • Endless-A Lost Note ($4.99) In the orient, the ancient nation, a mystery boy took a dog to look for his lost memory just because of a diary. Feel the ancient tomb, the unknown civilization, and the Time Travel all in Endless.
  • Froggy Ribbit (Free) Playful game where you take control of a frog that tries to escape the horrid fate of becoming Frog Soup. Outrun the Chef, harass him with mustard, jump over kitchen utensils, avoid hazards, and dodge his soup-ladle on your way to freedom.

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