5 fun exercise and dieting apps for the new year

Zombies, Run

It's that time of year again when people begin to promise themselves that they're going to get more exercise, quit smoking or go on a diet. Purchasing a fitness tracker or Apple Watch may not be a possibility for everyone, but luckily there are a ton of affordable apps that can help you reach your new goals. Here are some fun exercise and dieting apps that you can download on any iOS device to help you meet your New Year's resolution of being healthier in 2017.

Pokémon GO (Free) It's not advertised as an exercise app, and its creator, Niantic, managed to alienate most of the game's fans, but Pokémon GO is all about walking. Not only do you have to go get off your couch and go outside to catch 'em all, but you can hatch eggs based on your walking distance. Pokémon GO is the perfect app to trick yourself into exercising, and even with all its faults, it's still a fun game.

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CARROT Hunger (Free) Trigger warning! CARROT is the mean spirited AI that will tell you the weather, wake you up in time for work and bully you into eating better. CARROT Hunger is a talking calorie counter that features a huge food database that allows you to easily log what you have eaten for the day. You can also use the built-in barcode scanner to log your daily calorie intake, and learn how much exercise you will need to burn off those Twinkies you should have never eaten. The app motivates you by using various shaming tactics, such as killing your avatar when you overeat, tweeting your failures and forcing you to watch ads. It also supports iBeacon devices so it can yell at you when you open your fridge or cabinet.

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Burn your fat with me ($1.99) Players can advance in this Japanese game by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes. Instead of shaming you like CARROT, this app allows you to pick your training partner who will motivate you to get in shape so you can impress your anime crush. The game includes a deep story mode with 15 episodes, a training mode and lots of anime characters to keep you focused.

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Pact (Free) This social exercise app boasts a 95% success rating, according to its developer GymPact. Users can set weekly exercise goals with real-world money incentives. The money is paid by other members who fail to meet their weekly goals and stay active. The idea of Pact is not to earn money, but to help yourself and others stay healthy.

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The Walk, Zombies, Run!, Superhero Workout ($2.99, Free, $2.99) Developer Six to Start has dominated the App Store with its fun exercising games. The Walk motivates you to get in your daily steps by placing you in an adventure story where you must keep moving to avoid being captured, and Zombies, Run will have you sprinting to survive a walking dead apocalypse. Both apps keep you exercising with exciting stories that unlock more details the more you exercise. Superhero Workout is a motion-tracking workout game that tracks all your movements as you defend Earth against alien invaders.

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