New 3-second video crashing iOS devices

There's a new malicious video being circulated that will crash your iPad and iPhone. Like the Unicode of Death message bug that was crashing devices last year, a new .mp4 video will freeze your iPad or iPhone when it is played in Safari. EverythingApplePro highlighted the glitchy video in a YouTube video posted on Monday. You can watch the explanation video posted above. Don't worry it won't crash your device.

After watching the short video on your device everything will seem fine, but after a few seconds your iPad or iPhone will begin slowing down and it will eventually freeze. It's still unclear how the video is causing the malfunction, and it is unknown if there are any other issues caused by playing the video. The video can be sent through the Messages app and it can be disguised as a shortened link. The video only works if you actually watch it, so don't click any unknown links sent to your iPhone or iPad.

If you do get tricked into watching the video or can't resist testing it yourself, you can easily reboot your device to unfreeze it.

The video is affecting all iOS devices, even older models, but Android users have been able to watch it without difficulties.

Hopefully Apple will release a fix to the problem soon.

The iOS video bug is reminiscent of The Ring video tape. Good thing nobody calls you to tell you that your iPhone will die in 7-seconds. That would be too creepy.


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