Rule with an Iron Fish updated with universal iPad support

Rule with an Iron Fish

The well reviewed "pirate fishing RPG," Rule with an Iron Fish has been updated today with iPad support and other small bug fixes. Iron Fish is simple fishing game that has been earning rave reviews from Touch Arcade forum members. The game is part clicker and part RPG where players can earn rewards by fishing after being shipwrecked on an island with other characters. In their official review, Touch Arcade praised the game for offering hours of entertainment without any annoying IAPs.

While Rule with an Iron Fish is a fishing game at heart, the game also offers players the ability to explore their new island home and interact with the other shipwrecked inhabitants. The game includes engrossing characters who not only give players quests to complete, but also give the game its quirky personality. Completing quests earn players upgrades, such as better fishing poles to catch bigger fish. Players can also compete against NPCs in fishing challenges, collect pieces to unlock different boats, collect treasure and open new areas to explore. The game includes six different fishing environments, 108 hand-painted, scientifically-inaccurate fish to catch and lots of "unsettling" trophies to earn.

Rule with an Iron Fish was originally optimized for only the iPhone, but its developer Kestrel Games has added universal support after many requests to make it iPad friendly.

Rule with an Iron Fish is available on the App Store for $2.99. The game is one time download with no ads and no IAPs.

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